The easiest way to collect Dreadnought AI pieces in No Man’s Sky – Interceptor Update


    This guide will provide the easiest steps I’ve personally found that will get you ready to fight as many Sentinel freighters as you can to get Dreadnought AI Fragments. These will allow you to instantly locate a crashed Sentinel ship in any nearby dissonant system.


    Before you take on Sentinels in any capacity, it is highly recommended that you have the following if you want things to go as smoothly as possible:

    • A powerful fighter, equipped with tech upgrades that increase ship damage from your weapon of choice as well as maneuverability and shields.
    • Sufficient sodium or starship shield batteries, as well as components necessary to repair ship parts; Regardless of whether your shield goes down during battle, the longer you take damage the more likely it is to break part of the ship (or exosuit or exocraft for that matter) on Normal or Hard difficulty. will

    With these things in hand, you should be ready to have a relatively easy experience farming Dreadnought AI pieces.

    Step 1: Go to (almost) any system.

    For this trick to work, you have to be in a system that has a space station. It doesn’t have to be a heterogeneous system, just an old one with a space station. You know, the huge hunks of polygons that float in the middle of nowhere, these things:

    Step 2: Attack the space station.

    Now, normally most sane players would never attack a space station. This is because it will instantly increase your sentinel’s required level by 4. But in this case, since we want to face a sentinel freighter, this is the easiest way to provoke them. You don’t lose any standing races by attacking a space station, so this described method is completely safe in that regard.

    Please note: This method of Sentinel Agro Activation will not work if you are in a pirate system, abandoned system, or uninhabited system. Pirate and abandoned systems do not have a sentinel response when a space station is attacked, and uninhabited systems do not have a space station to shoot at.

    Step 3: Fly to an isolated location.

    While not absolutely necessary, I recommend you stay away from the space station or any AI freighter groups nearby. If you attack them or the space station again, this will refresh the amount of Sentinels engaged in combat during any alert level, which can obviously be painful and this farming for AI pieces May add unnecessary time to the procedure. Do not break or use your pulse engine, as you may inadvertently lose the sentinels you are trying to farm.

    Step 4: So anyway, you’ve started blasting.

    At this point it should be pretty straightforward what you need to do. Just start fighting waves of these things until you reach alert level 5:

    Step 5: Destroy the Sentinel Freighter.

    this is it. You have battled all waves and reached Alert Level 5 for the Sentinel Forces. At this point, the game should inform you that you have attracted the attention of a Sentinel Freighter:

    Now all you need to do is destroy it, and try not to waste any time fighting the ships it spawns. It will do so indefinitely until terminated. To destroy it, it is very easy; You can shoot anywhere on the freighter to deal damage and do so until it is destroyed. You can also take out the laser cannons mounted on its sides if you want to be less harassed while doing so.

    Step 6: Use the Dreadnought AI fragment carefully.

    After looting the Dreadnought AI Fragment, make sure you’re not near a star that you’ve previously discovered a crashed Sentinel ship (assuming you didn’t add it to your collection (because you didn’t like it). The AI ​​piece will provide the coordinates of the nearest discordant spike within any viable system, regardless of whether you’ve been there or not.

    Step 7: The Sentinel Ship is located.

    You have used the AI ​​fragment! You now have the coordinates of the nearest crashed sentinel ship. Go there and see what awaits, be it treasure or scrap!

    Step 8: Repeat as desired.

    You can repeat this process as many times as you like if you’re collecting an entire fleet of Sentinel ships, or if you’re just capturing them for scrap.

    However, if you’re not just hunting them for scrap, if you want, if you’re hunting the perfect ship, you can use just the same Dreadnought AI Fragment indefinitely. Here are the steps to do so:

    • Manually save on any planet using the save beacon.
    • Use the Dreadnought AI Fragment, preferably in a location where you won’t find a ship you’ve seen before.
    • Go to the spot where the ship was pinged, and get out to inspect it like you normally would and all that jazz. Maybe repair it and fly it around to see what it looks like in flight. If the ship isn’t to your taste, reload the manual save.
    • Repeat as desired. If you’re starting to get the same ships in the same places, reload your manual save to get your AI fragment back and then move far away (at least 1,000+ light years) to a new star. To move into clusters where discordant systems are certain. to be. Create a new manual save on a nearby planet, and then go through the same steps listed above.

    Step Optional: Echo Locator Farming

    Echo locators are another way to get to the Sentinel Starship, however they take a bit longer. But they can also make you two new multi-tools by revealing harmonic camps, if you’re looking for those too.

    As far as I know, they only have one source. differential resonators; Tripod machines with long spinning purple rods on top that are bent into the planet: they don’t have a chance to fall randomly per resonator locator. Instead, each basically serves as a fancy animated loot container. You can walk up close to see if it has a reversing mirror or an echo locator as its drop. These Dissonance Resonators are seeded based on planet area, so the same resonator will drop the same loot each time.

    You can abuse this by building bases near them that drop you echo locators to mark them and warp to them whenever you want. Be aware however that after destroying a Dissonance Resonator it will take 12 real life hours to regenerate. Alternatively you can roam around the planet and harvest Dissonance Resonators at your leisure, but the chances of a resonator being seeded to have a locator are slim.


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