The Dueling Committee’s Role within the Upcoming War


Introducing crowded and complicated teams of important individuals calls consideration to the group’s members, as they sometimes change into lively gamers in a narrative. Asticassia School of Technology’s Dueling Committee holds lots of weight within the microcosm of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury. With many members straight tied to the Benerit Group, the Dueling Committee performs a vital position in the way forward for humankind.

Certain members have begun to make their strikes, however motivations stay muddled or hidden, as everybody performs it near the cuff. Most of those youths grew up in households steeped in enterprise politics, so they’re keenly conscious of the depths and complexities of social hierarchy. As the youthful technology begins staking their declare, some would possibly align with their elder’s targets whereas others will assist pave a greater path.

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Elan Ceres Is Mysterious But Helpful

Elan Ceres performs a different position in the course of the first three episodes, holding his true motivations murky. Parking up after witnessing Suletta’s Gundam demolish Guel’s Mobile Suit in a duel, Elan grew to become devilishly interested in Suletta. However, Elan’s actions favor Suletta as he brings her meals and introduces her to the Dueling Committee.

Suletta stands to tug Elan out of his shell, bringing him nearer to her and Miorine to change into a priceless ally. However, if Elan’s ties to Pell Technologies, one among Benerit’s high three members, manipulate him, he might trigger strife earlier than settling into his chosen position. His reserved nature hides his true motives, however his curiosity and curiosity in Suletta trace at a softer core.

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Shaddiq Zenelli Seems Devoted to His Family

The boisterous and proud Shaddiq makes a major impression in a short while. While he’s charming and comes off heat, Shaddiq is taking part in the game extra actively than most of his friends. Whereas Guel and Elan appear misplaced of their targets, Shaddiq is extra conscious of his adoptive household’s place and performs the political game on a bigger scale.

Directly contacting individuals at Grassley Defense Systems to debate Suletta and Aerial, Shaddiq has strengthened ties to the Benerit Group. While he might play a task out of gratitude to his adoptive household, Shaddiq’s real and passionate nature would work nicely with Suletta and Miorine. On the opposite hand, he could also be a late turncoat, appearing out of loyalty till Grassley Defense Systems jeopardize his morals, forcing him to comply with his personal path.

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Other Loyalties Remain Extremely Unclear

The different members of the Dueling Committee stay extremely mysterious, giving solely hints of their true selves. After Secelia Dote ribs on Guel’s passionate however simple nature, Suletta instantly contrasts towards her views. With Guel slowly becoming a member of Suletta, this distinction implies that Secelia will work towards them, at the least for a short while. She could also be somebody who will feed data again to the Benerit Group quickly.

Rouji Chante is probably the most unpredictable issue. Taciturn and nervous, Rouji retains to themselves in social settings. However, the presence of a basic Mobile Suit Gundam robotic, Haro, hints at Rouji’s heroic coronary heart. Haro adopted two core protagonists in the course of the unique sequence, appearing as a pleasant sidekick. If Haro and Rouji are allied, Rouji will probably be part of the protagonists.

While Mirione’s standing and Suletta’s charisma will assist empower sure members, the immense stress from the earlier technology will management others. As conflicts develop extra widespread, there can be no room for a center floor, so the Committee members should decide sides. Nevertheless, their choices carry the potential to create a brighter future.

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