The Diablos Cult vs. Shadow Garden


The following could comprise spoilers for Episode 2 of The Eminence in Shadow, “Shadow Garden is Born”, at the moment streaming on HIDIVE.

Episode 2 of The Eminence in Shadow, “Shadow Garden is Born”, introduces each the Shadow Garden, who hunts the shadows from inside the shadows and their pure enemy the Diablos Cult.

With their first encounter sparking the start of the battle that may finally shake the very foundations of the world from inside the darkness, it is a thriller what makes these two teams so completely different, and much more necessary — what they stand for.

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The Diablos Cult’s History and Ultimate Goal

While Cid believes that the story of the Diablos Cult is one thing he made as much as create the Shadow Garden, the favored tales that he had learn to base this fiction on truly held a number of truths that Cid did not understand throughout his obsession with enjoying the half as an Eminence in Shadow.

The Cult of Diablos is an underground group working covertly to resurrect the demon of legend, Diablos. Existing for a thousand years on this planet that Cid had discovered himself reincarnated in, the cult infiltrated a number of high-ranking authorities positions and held sufficient energy to even rewrite historical past to persecute the descendants of the three heroes that defeated the demon Aurora as folks with the bloodline of demons.

The Cult contains two predominant teams: Children of Diablos and the Knights of the Round. The Children of Diablos are all orphans or younger residents born with magic that have been kidnaped by the cult and raised in secret services. These kidnaped youngsters have been pressured to bear extreme coaching and brainwashing earlier than being forcibly injected with mana, the place there was solely a ten% survival fee. Those unfortunate few that lived have been then divided into 1st, 2nd, and third Children. Amongst this group, names have been granted to those that supplied a major contribution to the cult, largely together with 1st Children and infrequently 2nd Children.

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The 1st Children consisted of those that had managed to change into each mentally secure from the mana injection and extremely highly effective warriors, although their numbers have been restricted in comparison with the 2nd and third Children. The 2nd Children didn’t possess the identical quantity of energy as the first, however have been nonetheless significantly sturdy and have been additionally in a position to stay mentally secure, whereas the third youngsters have been stronger than a median knight however thought-about nugatory disposable pawns as a result of their corrupted minds that made it inconceivable to leak any of the secrets and techniques of the cult.

The Knights of the Round is a bunch composed of twelve members which can be supplied with a drop of the Tears of Diablos, which permits them to take care of their demonic energy and immortality, however is proscribed to solely twelve drops per 12 months. Being a named Child of Diablos is a requirement for becoming a member of the Knight of the Round and every member used their respective expertise or energy to commit heinous experiments and conspiracies all for the tip purpose of resurrecting the demon Diablos.

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Shadow Garden’s History and Ultimate Goal

Originally based by Cid Kageno when he was ten-years-old, the primary member of Shadow Garden was an elf that had been corrupted by the ‘Demonic Possession’ curse that Cid later named Alpha.

During a bandit raid Cid performed to check his slime bodysuit and weapon, he got here throughout the disfigured Alpha and realized that she held an overflowing quantity of magic energy that was inflicting her to enter a magical overload. After performing a number of experiments on the mutated Alpha, Cid unintentionally restored her to her unique elf kind. Believing that she could be helpful for his efficiency as an Eminence in Shadow, Cid fabricated the story of how the Diablos Cult rewrote historical past to persecute the descendants of the heroes that defeated the demon Aurora hundreds of years in the past, labeling them as folks with the bloodline of demons together with Alpha herself.

Cid defined that the cult worshiped a demon known as Diablos and was planning to resurrect the demon into their world whereas his mission was to cease this and destroy the cult from inside the shadows they have been hiding in. Alpha, livid at how the ache, rejection, and struggling she had skilled was as a result of this cult and the hazards that they posed, swore her loyalty to Cid and his mission — regardless of Cid having no concept that the story he instructed was an actual risk.

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Together, Cid and Alpha fashioned the Shadow Garden intending to forestall the evil deeds of the Diablos Cult and finally destroy them, with Cid main them below the identify ‘Shadow’. As time handed, Alpha discovered six extra ladies that had been possessed with the identical curse that she had suffered from that Cid transformed again into their unique our bodies, gaining extra loyal and succesful members that have been impressed by Cid’s tales and performances to develop their affect.

Similar to the Diablos Cult, Shadow Garden additionally contains two teams: The Seven Shades and the Numbers. The Seven Shades included the preliminary seven members that Cid restored the our bodies of, who all realized, studied, and skilled below Cid’s steerage. Thanks to their coaching every member grew to become a grasp of their respective fields, together with fight, economics, espionage, and science. Each of those members additionally adopted Cid’s naming pattern for Alpha, known as Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, and Eta respectively.

The Numbers have been members of the Shadow Garden recruited below the Seven Shades straight and skilled by them of their fields slightly than by Cid. Compared to the Seven Shades, there have been a number of extra members inside the Numbers that Cid himself didn’t know the extent of, however every of them was a sufferer not directly of the evil deeds of the Diablos Cult that held an admiration for his or her chief Shadow (Cid) for his energy, data, and magnificence — regardless of all of it being an act.

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These two teams each have their respective infamy inside within the shadows, nonetheless, because the Shadow Garden grows and foils the plans of the Diablos Cult time and again, their battle shakes the world with Cid standing in the course of all of the conspiracy as The Eminence in Shadow however having no concept that he’s role-playing on a really actual, very harmful stage.

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