The Devil in Me Hands-On Impressions


With so many horror games on the horizon, the only disappointment is that they aren’t all in time for Halloween. The Dark Pictures Anthology: the devil in me is coming up and will be released on November 18. The new entry in the series is set to wrap up its first season, and Supermassive Games has promised some big additions like new mechanics and more exploration opportunities. MyFullGames was able to participate with a preview of the devil in meand the game definitely looks set to deliver on these promises with the best entry in the series yet.

The Dark Pictures Anthology are horror movie-style games in which the player(s) take control of characters and decide their fate, either on purpose or by accidentally missing a Quick Time Event. There are four games in the first season of the anthology: medan man, little hope, ashes house, Y the devil in me. With this ending, the first season ends strong thanks to the excellent setting, characters and new game mechanics that take the game to a new level.

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The Dark Pictures Anthology welcomes players to the Murder Castle

the devil in meThe setting of is based on HH Holmes (America’s first serial killer) and his building, known as Murder Castle. Essentially, HH Holmes built an elaborate building that, from the outside, appeared to be a large complex with a housing business and a hotel. However, the interior contained secret rooms that only he knew about. Some of these were built to hide or dispose of bodies, while others were designed to kill. In the game, a true crime television crew visits a replica of the hotel intended to be an HH Holmes museum and tourist destination to film what they hope will be their biggest episode yet.

The hotel is like a maze and has the quality of a haunted house, making it a great environment for the devil in meThe extended scan. Players can wander the hotel corridors and check the guest-accessible areas and back rooms when the hotel owner isn’t looking. There are also sections where the player will have to jump, climb, and move objects to get their bearings, with no QTEs or cutscenes. It’s part of the natural game, though it’s not perfect, and turning objects can be tricky. The explorable areas are also much larger this time around, giving players plenty to cover and search without feeling empty.

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The devil in me has a lot to find

Like the other games in the anthology, collectibles can be found, but there are a few new additions. Small coins, for example, require careful exploration to find. Once obtained, they can be used to purchase dioramas of in-game cutscenes from the menu, which are clean and (sometimes) gory. There are also business cards for those involved in the construction of the hotel.

The obligatory notes, documents, emails and other narrative components are present, although there seems to be more than one trail to follow. It’s like having a true crime series that unfolds alongside the main plot, which makes each find intriguing. Paintings or works of art that show the potential future of the characters are, of course, back. Along with these collectibles also comes the new inventory system, which means that you can also find usable items that are useful in different situations. Some are even unique to the characters, matching their personalities.

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The devil in me emphasizes exploration

There are a variety of items to find that allow players to progress, find new routes, or help in certain situations. Keys and puzzles are a simple but great addition to exploring the hotel. They are not only used to unlock doors, but also drawers, cabinets and other places where additional items or information can be found. It gives players more incentive to look around. While there weren’t as many puzzles as there were doors (at least in the section we played), the ones we did find added to the immersion of the game, either being part of the environment or requiring exploration to find the answer.

The best new addition by far is the inventory system, specifically the unique character items. Each one has its own use and connects with the personality of the character. For example, Mark the cameraman loves photography and carries around a camera that has a zoom function and can capture interesting sightings. The director, Charlie, on the other hand, is an older man who carries business cards in case he meets someone interesting, or needs to pick a simple lock.

However, the best of these items is Erin’s directional microphone. You can use it to listen to all kinds of noises in the hotel and pinpoint where they are coming from. Not only does it help in the dark or to find secrets, but it can be very unsettling and adds to the atmosphere of the game. Wandering through the corridors and hearing strange sounds from the hidden rooms of the hotel is a journey.

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Dark Pictures’ latest game features a great cast

the characters in the devil in me they are more grounded than those in previous entries and have their own ambitions and personality. They also collide a lot less. The characters who fight the most are Charles, the director, and Erin, the new sound intern. He treats her more like an assistant, but her arguments never reach the same level as married couple Rachel and Eric from house of ashes, which can (at best) be described as cold to each other. Despite their differences, all of the characters work together as a team to both make the show and help each other when needed. In a way, they are family and are trying to survive this horror show together.

Aside from being less cutesy and having special elements, there’s nothing really new about the characters. The basic traits and the relationships they start with still exist, which the player can modify through the game. It’s hard to say if there’s still any twist to this, as traditionally playing the character is usually the way to successfully bring them to the end alive, and the teaser only went so far.

From what we have seen so far, the devil in me it has a lot going for it and features some great additions to this movie style of game. This time it’s much more of a game than a movie, striking an excellent balance between the two. It’s great to see that each iteration has changed things or improved the gameplay in some way, keeping the series fresh. However, this is the biggest trailer yet and bodes well for season two.

Developed by Supermassive Games and published by Bandai Namco, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me launches on November 18 for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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