The developers of the absurd NFT-game on Pokemon PokeWorld were stupidly attacked with copyright holders



    Kotaku noticed that the developer and developer of a mobile mobile net game called PokeWorld is in dispute with the creators.

    Source of images: NFTCalendar.

    Pokemon Pty has a business in Melbourne and is registered in 2016 and operating under the name Kotiota Studios. Both companies belong to a certain Xiaoyan Liu.

    PokeWorld users can be tempted to fight Pokemon, win the Etherium-based dollar of the currency, buy and trade NFTs in form of trade cards and other items.

    Screenshot from Pokeworld website (image source: PokeWorld)

    After opening the project website, developer PokeWorld sent out a press release to game portals which they tried to convince journalists they were collaborating with The Pokemon Company. This is the way the copyright holder knew about Kotiota (Posemon).

    This was in November. The TPC hired a cybercriminal team and tried to reach Liu and his companies, but for nothing. The owner of a franchise in Australia is seeking a lawsuit against the Federal Court, where the first hearing was on December 21th.

    False claim from the PokeWorld website (image source: PokeWorld)

    The judge ordered Kotiota (no one from the studio came to the trial) to stop ascribe to himself to the TPC by using copyrighted Pokemon pictures and claiming her NFT Pokemon are related to that TPC.

    The court will need further information. To understand the damage caused by Kotiota’s actions, it is clear to the court already who is the one who does it in this dispute and who is actually a felony.

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