The Detective Is Already Dead Reveals How Siesta Really Died


The Detective Is Already Dead spent a number of episodes detailing Kimihiko Kimizuka’s final case with Siesta main as much as the latter’s dying. In these episodes, viewers have been handled to extra of Kimihiko and Siesta’s enjoyable dynamic as they investigated SPES actions in London, England. Siesta even revealed her extra susceptible aspect when she and Kimihiko drank alcohol for the primary time, main as much as a not-so-fondly remembered night time collectively in Siesta’s mattress. All this buildup crushed viewers’ hearts when the second got here to disclose what actually occurred to Siesta on the fateful day she misplaced her life in Episode 9.

Picking up the place Episode 8 left off, Siesta, Kimihiko and Charlotte Arisaka Anderson (aka Charl) have been on a ship making their method to an island to defeat Hel and recuperate Alicia. The latter was truly one in every of Hel’s Dissociative Identity Disorder alter egos. Charl and Kimihiko went to the SPES base to battle Chameleon, who turned out to be an extraterrestrial plant generally known as SEED, the true chief of SPES. SEED’s true goal was to terraform the Earth and reproduce, killing each residing factor within the course of. While Charl fended him off, Kimihiko went to help Siesta in her battle with Hel.

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The Implications of Nagisa Natsunagi’s True Identity

During their battle, Hel revealed to Siesta that Alicia was the actual persona. Sometime after SEED arrived on Earth, he kidnapped Alicia and carried out torturous experiments on her physique, traumatizing her. This in flip brought on Alicia to develop the non-binary Hel persona, presumably to guard herself from the horrors she skilled. Hel, nonetheless, selected to embrace SEED’s villainous mission and tortured Alicia themselves. Siesta deduced that Hel was truly pushed by a necessity for love from a father determine, which angers them, validating Siesta’s deduction. The battle, nonetheless, turned lethal when a monster Hel beforehand managed ran free, leading to Siesta shedding consciousness and Hel killing the monster. This wore out Hel’s transplanted coronary heart, and so they proceeded to interchange it with the center of the unconscious Siesta, killing her within the course of.

This reveal in The Detective Is Already Dead did much more than present the occasions that resulted in Siesta’s dying. It truly had important implications as to the true identification of Nagisa Natsunagi, the host of Siesta’s coronary heart. In reality, the episode appeared to substantiate that Hel and Nagisa have been one and the identical. To begin with, they’ve an analogous look, with Nagisa trying like Hel with longer hair. Nagisa additionally demonstrated that she had gaps in her reminiscence (equivalent to not remembering who her coronary heart donor was), which is a symptom of Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Furthermore, the Nagisa persona might have been born out of each Siesta’s and Alicia’s personalities, as she had traits of each. The remaining contact was the crimson ribbon Nagisa wore in her hair — the identical ribbon Siesta wore throughout the Toilet no Hanako-san case, and it is the identical one she promised to provide to Alicia in London.

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The Impact of Siesta’s Death on Nagisa and Kimihiko’s Relationship

The last item that is important about The Detective Is Already Dead‘s flashback story arc’s conclusion is that it proved to be an necessary episode for each Siesta and Kimihiko. Since the beginning of the episode, Siesta persistently hinted that she knew she was going to die and tried to say goodbye to Kimihiko the one method she knew how. Prior to the battle with Hel, Siesta needed to hug Kimihiko, however he declined. She additionally needed to inform him how she actually felt about him, however he refused to listen to her out. It’s not till Hel succeeded at killing Siesta that Kimihiko lastly broke down and admitted that he’d at all times beloved Siesta and regretted not expressing this when he had the prospect.

In some ways, Episode 9 was at all times going to be a heartbreaking episode to observe. Not solely did it lastly reveal how Siesta actually died, nevertheless it additionally validated the romantic attraction that at all times existed between her and Kimihiko, making her dying all of the extra devastating. With the revelation that Hel and Nagisa is likely to be one and the identical, the truth of this gravely impacted Nagisa’s relationship with Kimihiko transferring ahead, particularly given Kimihiko’s personal emotions for Siesta.

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