The DC Universe Has a Depressing Way of Dealing With Crisis


The following article contains spoilers for The flash #787, on sale now from DC Comics.

The Flash had some fun and let loose in a space wrestling competition, but in between the matches he received a dire warning about the future. In The flash #787 (by Jeremy Adams, Fernando Pasarin, Matt Ryan, Jeromy Cox and Rob Leigh), Flash’s tag team partner Omega Bam Man explained that his organization, Wrestling Across the Multiverse, selects planets to wrestle based on probability that they are about to go through an apocalyptic event. Surprisingly, the Flash dismissed it with a joke that read, “This is Sector 2814. We live with doomsday every day.”

This is an interesting statement from Flash. As a hero of Earth, one would think that he would panic knowing that another attack was coming after his adventures in Dark Crisis. Instead, he reacts calmly, almost dismissing it entirely. It’s a microcosm of how the DCU is changing in its relationship to repeated crisis events. It seems that the world as a whole is becoming almost apathetic at the prospect of impending disaster, which in itself is a depressing development.

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How The Flash Is Warned About Earth’s Coming Apocalypse

During a break between matches, Omega Bam Man explained that because they were technically an outlaw organization, they had to choose planets at random but couldn’t fight those who would retaliate. As a result, the algorithm that selected their arenas identified planets that were about to face a doomsday scenario. In this case, Earth was selected as the last arena because it was about to be put in grave danger.

Unfortunately, Omega Bam Man was unable to elaborate on what was coming for Earth. The algorithm only predicted the probability of a planet’s destruction, not the exact nature of the threat. Still, he’s more of a warning than most heroes when a crisis is brewing for Earth, but the way the Flash reacted to this news was as surprising as it was depressing.

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The Flash Proves The DCU Is Becoming Desensitized To Crisis Events

The Flash responds to the news of Earth’s impending doom with a joke. Usually, he could have rushed to warn friends, family, and allies about him, but instead he stayed to finish the tournament and then ran straight home without telling anyone what he learned. The Flash has shown a tendency not to inform his allies of new developments that could affect more than himself, but here he seemed listless and uninterested at the prospect of another apocalyptic-level event.

This shows how used the world is becoming to life-threatening crisis events, and it’s more than a little sad. Prior to dark crisis, many characters went out of their way to predict and stop these terrifying events before they happened. This wasn’t just limited to heroes, but even villains. They were all getting tired of the constant changes to the status quo and the damage done to their world, both structurally and personally.

Considering how previous efforts to avert disaster turned out, it looks like the DCU is now washing its collective hands of it all. At this point, apocalyptic events have become a part of daily life, and the people it affects seem to compare them to nothing more than bad weather. There is no way to fight or counter the next inevitable event, so the best thing to do is try to identify the warning signs and prepare for whatever comes your way. At the end of the day, this apathy is indicative of a horrible and depressing existence for the residents of the DC Universe.

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