The Cyclist: Tactics Walkthrough And Game Tips

The Cyclist: Tactics Walkthrough And Game Tips

Sorry if it’s a little bit messy

I don’t try to explain the whole game but point out “hidden” mechanics you could miss

Symbols and Definitions

Symbols from the game

= Energy Points

= Energy Points per Turn (this value decreases during the race with )

= Attack Points

= Attack Points available per Turn (decreases by 1 every time you use it all)

= Recovery level

Symbols you can find in this guide

= Maximum Energy points BEFORE STARTING THE MONTH

= Maximum Energy points per Turn BEFORE STARTING THE MONTH

= Current Amount of available for your rider

= Maximum recovered you get from 1 move (decreases by 1 every time you use it all)

= Maximum recovered you get between stages

Career Mode – Start Season – Fitness Peaks

Upcoming Changes : Impact on Energy might be lowered

2021/08/04 :

Here are the modifiers you get from Fitness levels

Career Mode – Start Season – Funding

5% underfunded -> 10% higher prestige expectations.

Which means you can confirm a slightly negative budget (at your own risk) : see Finances screen

Funding progession

Your next funding level depends on how well you perform compared to your sponsors goals

Career Mode – Start Season – Salary

Raw values from Killrob (creator). Here are as reminder

Career Mode – Other Teams

In your planning, you spot a Cobble Classic with only 3 teams. Great ! Guaranteed win for your level 5 cobble rider.

Unfortunately, when you reach the race preview, you discover they are3 Pro Cobble teams.

To avoid this, here is the average terrain trait of each team

Career Mode – Race Review – Prestige Points

Here are raw values shared by Killrob [creator] on discord on 2021/08, 16th

Career Mode – Race Review – XP

Upcoming changes : Dev said they might give “partial” for riders who don’t finish a race


Fix amount between each level (on the level)

The earned by your riders relies on :

– The RACE LEVEL -> to earn


– the difference of the RACE LEVEL (the number in the icon) & RIDER LEVEL

– the difference of the RIDER POTENTIAL & RIDER LEVEL

– the earned by teammates this month.

Example :

With Rider1 5(6) you win 500 prestige in (6) RSRush

PERSONAL = 500 x 1.25 x 0.5 = 312.5

If the 3 others won Rider2 =100 / Rider3=50 / Rider4 =0

TOTAL Rider1 = 312.5 + 0,1x ( 0 +100+50+0) = 327

TOTAL Rider2 = 100 + 0,1x (312.5+ 0 +50+0) = 136.25

TOTAL Rider3 = 50 + 0,1x (312.5+100+ 0 +0) = 91.25

TOTAL Rider4 = 0 + 0,1x (312.5+100+50+ 0) = 46.25

Sorry almost forgot the campaign difficulty multiplier :

Stage Race : Recovery zones

DEFINITION : (before starting)

The second bed icon below is what i call R% = . Not to confuse with R =

Here’s an hidden mechanic (at the moment) but it’s essential to win a Stage Race.

In race with =100, you spend 70

How many will you have next day ? how will it affects your ?

On the long term, it’s risky to lose too much but there’s nothing worse than entering the Red zone. There, you dramaticly lose AND you don’t fully recover

Example Tour with 7 stages.

You have = 100 and you spend 70 each stage :

Graph 1 : =1

Note in stage 6 and 7 you can’t even spend 70 but only 53 and 47

Graph 2 : =3

This rider can safely spend 70 without burning his recovery

Graph 3 : =5

This guy just won’t lose any Emax points with this effort.

But his maximum recovery is slowly descreasing

So after the 7th stage he will recover less than 70% (1st time he won’t fully recover)

Stage Race : A Recovery

Your next question might be :

How many do I recover ( ) :

It’s a fix % of based on your :

Race : Turn Fraction

In a move, if you pass a point and wonder what time you reached it (ex: sprint) just calculate the ratio between the 2 distances :

– Distance between initial node and sprint line

divided by

– Distance between initial node and final node

Race : Slipstream

First you have to know your theoric slipstream bonus (see tables below)

Then you have a slipstream modifier (displayed under terrain section). You take the worst one between initial and final node )

Then you have a slipstream maximum (displayed under terrain section). You take the worst one between initial and final node )

Below is a table to know the minimum move you have to make to give a slipstream bonus (in grey) according to his position in the group (on the left)

Another way to see it is to know the slipstream (white) you get if you know the move length (blue) and the group you are in :

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love The Cyclist: Tactics Walkthrough And Game Tips that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Vander. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.