The Callisto Protocol Gets Disgusting Live Action Trailer Starring Josh Duhamel


The Callisto Protocol has gotten a new live-action trailer starring Josh Duhamel. We are only a week away The Callisto Protocol and the marketing of the game is in full swing now. The game is essentially a spiritual successor to Dead space, as it is directed by Dead Space creator Glen Schofield and is a return to its sci-fi and horror roots. The director left Visceral Games in the late 2000s to co-found Sledgehammer Games, where he would work on Call of Duty for several years. Now, he’s back in the reign of terror and it looks like we’re in for a surprise.

A new live action trailer for The Callisto Protocol debuted during the Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants game today and a longer version with red band was later released posted on youtube. The trailer shows Josh Duhamel’s character Jacob Lee crash-landing on the planet and having to fight for his life while encountering disgusting and disgusting creatures. It’s quite high quality and also helps shed light on the premise of the game. Anyone who is eager for the game will likely appreciate this high-quality ad, and it may theoretically even increase their enthusiasm for the game.

There has been some concern about The Callisto Protocol in recent days after it was revealed that there would be DLC for the game that included a higher difficulty and additional death animations. Many felt this was putting content that was likely to be included with other games at launch behind a paywall. However, Glen Schofield came out and pointed out that this content has yet to be made. Instead, it will be things the team works on in 2023 solely for the purpose of releasing it as Season Pass content, rather than shelving things that have already been done so they can be sold separately. As of now, it remains to be seen how good the game will be, but hopes are high for the title.

The Callisto Protocol It will be released on December 2, 2022 for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. Are you excited for the game? Let me know in the comments or contact me at Twitter @Cade_Onder.


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