The Call of Duty lag situation is only getting worse and needs to be fixed


    Server stability in a competitive FPS is the top priority for a developer; If your infrastructure can’t deliver smooth gameplay without desync, players abandon ship. Call of Duty finds itself in a minefield of player-reported issues related to packet loss, lag, and desynchronization, and now it’s time to provide some answers.

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Lag and Package Loss

    Throughout the latest season of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone, more and more players are standing up to call attention to unstable servers and lags in CoD lobbies. Whether you’re entering Resurgence or the big Warzone map, or loading Search and Destroy, there’s a chance you’ll experience terrible lag or a pack explosion.

    Reddit user Confident-Village769 took to the Modern Warfare 3 subreddit to complain about his slow experiences with the game. They provide not one, not two, not three, but four examples of his struggles. The obvious question to ask here is whether Confident-Village769 has weak enough Internet to cause these problems. However, they claim there is 1500MB of internet, so that’s unlikely to be the issue.

    If this problem had only one person showing their lateness, then perhaps it could be explained by looking at the service provider or construction in your area; Many factors affect Internet speed and connection. However, Confident-Village is not the only one experiencing these problems.

    On CODWarzone’s sister subreddit, user Luerro left a thread to discuss a fix for extreme packet loss reaching 24%. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much anyone could offer as a solution to the problem: everyone pointed the finger at Activision’s horrible servers.

    All players in the thread are outraged by its constant problems with bad latency, packet loss, and lag. The consensus is that these are Activision server issues and generally there is nothing individual players can do to fix them. Some commenters offer the Ethernet cable as a possible solution, but given the large number of people affected by Call of Duty servers, the change is unlikely to eliminate the problem immediately.

    Reddit isn’t the only place fans have taken to expressing their frustration; X (Twitter) is full of fans sharing their experiences. CarlosBitMe shared a screenshot of packet loss that reached 27%, an unacceptable figure.

    Not everyone saw such egregious amounts of packet loss: iizroberto posted a video showing a consistent 5% packet loss, and while that’s substantially less than Carlos’ experience, any amount of desync is completely unacceptable for a competitive FPS .

    No matter where you look, players are complaining about constant server issues and it’s time for Activision to address the issue and work to fix it. The pessimist in me hopes that nothing changes until the release of Black Ops 6, where (maybe) a new server infrastructure can be implemented.

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