The Best Wizard Cookie Toppings Compilation in Cookie Run Kingdom



    Wizard Cookie is a Common Magic Cookie that prioritizes the team’s middle position. He’s one of the first openers everyone gets when starting Cookie Run: Kingdom, and he’s still relevant in the story for being with Gingerbrave’s scouting team. If you want to create Wizard Cookie, this is all you need to know.

    The Best Ingredients Compilation for Wizard Cookie at CRK

    Being a magical cookie, Wizard is best used as a DPS unit. It benefits the most from ATK-based stats, so the following ingredients will serve it well:

    • Burning Raspberry x5 (best in slot) – A direct ATK boost that can help your team from early to mid game.
    • x5 Speed ​​Chocolate – an alternate build that focuses on cooldown reduction, allowing you to spam Wizard Cookie more often. Since it’s not an endgame Cookie, you can use this set if you have it ready.

    For bonus stats, focus on increasing Wizard Cookie’s ATK and cooldown reduction.

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    Best Treasures for Wizard Cookie at CRK

    Wizard Cookie pairs best with the usual lineup of DPS-boosting Treasures. They include:

    • Sleepyhead Jelly Watch or Squishy Watch – for cooldown reduction plus ATK boost (if using Sleepyhead)
    • Dream Driver Whistle – amazing DPS Treasure that will benefit your team regardless of your comp
    • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll – useful and obvious ATK boost

    Information about the Wizard Cookie ability in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Magic Storm:

    • Summons an advancing magical lightning storm, dealing damage over time to all enemies within range.

    skill specs:

    • Cool down: 13 seconds
    • damage dealt: 40 percent base (+0.5 percent DMG per level)

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