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    Stardew Valley is a much more complex game than it may appear on the surface. Even players who have been playing the Stardew game for a while can use tips to improve their gameplay. We’ve even divided our tips into neat categories, like fishing and mining.

    The best farming tips for Stardew Valley

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    Crops are the heart and soul of Stardew Valley. They’re what really makes the game a farming sim, which means there are a lot of details to keep track of. If you want to be more confident in the performance of your crops and even make a lot of money, check out these helpful tips we’ve collected:

    • Don’t neglect crops, no matter how far you get in the game. Farming can always benefit you, whether you’re selling small crops or making Ancient Fruit wine.
    • Stay on top of everything Stardew Valley career paths before the time comes to decide on them.
    • Use crops that produce more than once. Some examples are corn, grapes, and cacti.
    • If you are doing the Community Center, plant the crops needed for each season’s pack as soon as possible. This is especially true for the High Quality Crops pack.
    • watch your tv every morning. Here you can check the weather for the next day, see how lucky you are, get free recipes, and even get the occasional helpful tip.
    • Don’t stop using fertilizers, making sprinklers and scarecrows, and even improved farming tools. These will help you maximize your farming skills.
    • get one seed maker ASAP This will allow you to get seeds for practically free!

    You don’t just plant seeds on a farm! Farming is hard work that includes caring for animals and maintaining the land. Use these other miscellaneous farming tips for anything beyond growing and selling staple crops:

    • Build a silo before a coop. This will allow you to cut all the grass around your farm without it going to waste.
    • make your happy animals all time. This means feeding them, petting them, and even adding a heater to their space during the winter.
    • As a beginner, do not rush to get animals as fast as you can. They require money, time and a lot of resources. Build your farm in other ways first and start slowly with a chicken or two.
    • Do not throw away or sell simple materials.. These include clay, stone, fiber, wood, and others similar to them. Materials like this are much more useful if they are saved in abundance for many improvements on your farm.

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    The best villager tips for Stardew Valley

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    With the number of villagers residing in Pelican Town, it can be hard to know who to prioritize and how to spend more time with them. If you want some tips on how to increase your relationships with NPCs, as well as how to earn money and maximize time, pay attention to these tips that we have presented for players:

    • find out what gifts that certain villagers will give you once you reach higher relationship levels. This will help you know what you can get out of your relationship with them, as well as who to spend your time with.
    • Use the winter season to spend most of the time chatting and gifting items to the villagers. You will have more free time at this point, especially in your first year.
    • Even if you don’t care for some villagers, take a moment when you walk past them to have a chat. Increase the value of the relationship by talking to them when it’s convenient it’s a passive way to improve your friendships.
    • If you need fast money, consult the board next to Pierre buy to get some easy quests from the locals.

    Best Mine Tips for Stardew Valley

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    The mines are pretty cut and dry, for the most part. You go down to them, break rocks and kill creatures. But we still managed to find some top-notch tips for you to follow as you head underground:

    • Use bombs to quickly clear boulders when you’re pressed for time and just looking to go down several levels.
    • Bring high quality snacks with you to the mines If you don’t have the money or recipes for these, search trash cans frequently and store them in chests until you hit the mines.
    • Make sure you have plenty of space for the backpack before going to the mines. There’s nothing worse than not having room for a rare item.
    • do something ladders ahead of time if you want to clear levels quickly.
    • invest in extended backpack space early on if you plan on playing mine a lot.

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    The best fishing tips for Stardew Valley

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    Fishing can be a bit intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you keep practicing, you can easily increase your fishing skill. That’s why we didn’t want to focus on leveling up tips, but on increasing your profit. Use our tips to get rarer fish, level up faster, and even make fishing easier for you as a beginner:

    • Every time you get Willy’s first fishing rod, buy the training rod from your fishmonger instead. This will make fishing a lot easier when you start out.
    • fish whenever raining. You will get rarer fish this way!
    • Search unusual spots for the fish This can be a great tactic when looking for unique types of fish.
    • Brings something trout soup with you for long fishing sessions. You can get this at the Fish Shop or some days at the Stardrop Saloon.
    • Search bubbles in water. These are places where higher quality fish lurk.
    • Don’t fish at the same time every day. Give it a taste and try different times of the day to get more diverse shots.

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