The best settings to increase FPS in Bodycam


    Bodycam is a unique game that offers an immersive gaming experience and is often considered the most realistic shooting game ever created by its community. While the game is supposed to be played on a high-end device to get the best feel, you still need to tweak the graphical settings to increase the FPS, and here’s how.

    Settings optimized for higher FPS in Bodycam

    Frames per second are a crucial parameter in video games, especially in first-person multiplayer shooters. The better your game performs, the better you will perform in matches. Bodycam has some graphical settings that you can adjust to increase your FPS, but let me share the best display settings with you first.

    The best screen settings to increase FPS in Bodycam

    Window mode Full screen
    aspect ratio Any
    Screen resolution Any
    Screen resolution The resolution of your monitor
    Glow 100 (or change according to personal preference)
    Lock FPS unlocked
    virtual synchronization Off

    Screen settings ensure that you get the best possible resolution and quality of the game depending on your monitor specifications, so playing is a must. full screen mode and you native monitor resolution, whether 1920×1080, 2560×1440 or higher. More importantly, the FPS should not be locked and VSync disabled so that the game doesn’t throttle your GPU’s output framerate and no input lag is introduced (you really don’t want that in a shooter).

    The best graphic settings to increase FPS in Bodycam

    There aren’t many settings that affect frame rate, but I’ve tried them all; You can follow the settings provided below to increase FPS (explanation with comparison will come later).

    AMD FS3 (FPS increase) Balanced
    AMD FSR3 Frame Generation (FPS Increase) Power (performance)
    Global lighting Low
    Antialiasing quality Epic
    See distance Half
    Textures Epic (reduce this if you are lacking VRAM)
    Darkness Half
    Effects Half
    Reflections Half
    Foliage Low (less dense bushes help you detect the target better)
    Shading quality Half
    Post processing Half
    Grain Off
    Sharpness Medium (improves visibility and clarity)
    Motion blur Off

    Simply copy these settings and you should get a significant amount of FPS if you were playing with the default settings. Most of these settings don’t have a notable impact on frame rate, but I’ve gone into detail about the ones that do below. My PC specifications on which the configurations were tested are:

    • SW: windows 11
    • CPU:Intel i7-12700K
    • GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6800 XT
    • RAM: 16 GB

    On default settings, my game was generating a constant 53 FPS on the Worn House map (first image). The default configuration had all settings updated to Epic. First and most importantly, I changed the AMD FS3 fit to Balanced to gain 10 frames (second image).

    Below are the results produced by the different AMD FS3 settings, but I only recommend Balanced, as higher options significantly worsen the graphical quality, plummeting the gaming experience.

    • Off: 53FPS
    • Quality: 70FPS
    • Balanced: 72 FPS (recommended)
    • Performance: 75FPS
    • Ultra performance: 80FPS

    Now, the second most important settings in Bodycam: AMD FSR3 frame generation must be rotated In. This setting along with FS3 Balanced instantly brought my FPS to 132 (third image). The quality drop is so small compared to the FPS gain that I suggest everyone have these settings enabled.

    The remaining settings don’t have much impact on the frame rate except Global lighting. Although it has four options, only Low and Epic are available, and Low gave me a 10 FPS jump. Also take note of Textures; I didn’t see any measurable difference between Low and Epic because this configuration depends on the GPU’s VRAM, and mine has a whopping 16GB. If your graphics card has less than 8 GB of VRAM, you can try lowering this setting. Set the other graphics settings to low or medium and you’ll be good to go.

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