The Best Schwarzwälder Toppings Compilation at Cookie Run Kingdom


    Schwarzwälder as Cookie Run: Kingdom’s first non-Cookie playable character. He is an epic charge Brute Choco Warehound who prioritizes the Frontline position in the team. His versatile gear supercharges himself and his allies, and if he was lucky enough to get Schwarzwälder, then he’s definitely a must-build. Here is everything you need to know about him.

    Best Hedge Compilation for Schwarzwälder at CRK

    Schwarzwälder is a tanky unit with an amazing ability to buff allies and also deal decent damage. With such useful equipment, it is important for him to survive battles, especially in the Arena where he is most useful. That being said, the best Schwarzwälder Toppings are:

    • Complete set of solid almonds with bonus cooldown reduction stats
    • Complete set of Swift chocolates with DMG Resist bonus stats
    • Mix of Solid Almonds and Swift Chocolate (x3 and x2 of each type)

    For bonus stats, prioritize getting as much resistance to DMG as possible, plus some cooldown reduction and

    The best treasures for Schwarzwälder at CRK

    Schwarzwälder is best paired with universal Treasure picks that will also benefit the rest of his team. He squishy clock will ensure a Skill uptime of almost 100 percent and the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll will provide an ATK boost. In the arena, the Shiny sugar swan feather will help revive a downed teammate.

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    Schwarzwälder Skill Information in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Choco Chip Hammer:

    • Schwarzwälder’s normal attack has a chance to stun the target. The first cooldown of his ability will be shortened, allowing faster use of the ability.
    • By using the ability, Schwarzwälder will receive the Howl effect, increasing his own ATK SPD and DMG Resist, and increasing the ATK of the team.
    • When the duration of the effect ends, Schwarzwälder will charge enemies, hitting them with his hammer, stunning them and inflicting the Hammer Shock debuff.
    • The debuff will lower the ATK of enemies and cause them to take more damage from Schwarzwälder’s subsequent skill attacks with the hammer. While Schwarzwälder is using his ability, he will briefly become resistant to interrupt effects.

    skill specs:

    • regular attack stun: 1 second with a 50 percent chance
    • charge damage: 79.2 percent
    • dmg hammer: 244.9% and Stun for 2.5 seconds
    • Hammer Impact Debuff: ATK -5.5 percent and Extra Skill DMG with Hammer +200 percent for 40 seconds; It stacks up to 3 times
    • ATK strong: +15 for 8 seconds
    • ATK SPEED strong: +35 percent for 8 seconds
    • dmg resistance strong: +30 percent for 8 seconds

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