The best Pet Simulator X Discord servers to operate


    While Pet Simulator X is a game you can play casually in the background, it will still take a lot of time (and resources) to hatch the pets you want. If you’re looking for a kind soul to trade those rare pets for you, you can find plenty of them on Discord. With that said, below are some of the best Discord servers to run on Pet Simulator X.

    List of Pet Simulator X Discord servers to trade pets

    Screenshot from MyFullGames

    Discord is a safe way to find people to trade with. Also, the mods on these servers are pretty strict with do’s and don’ts! Below are the Pet Simulator X and Roblox servers you can join to trade:

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    There are also users that allow you to enter smaller commercial grounds of Pet Simulator X in Disboard. They will post invites and you will be able to join their Discord server as long as the invite is still valid.

    However, no matter which servers you join, remember to be careful who you trade with. Your identity may be protected, but scammers are often out there.

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