The Best Halloween-adjacent Films, From Casper To Bewitched


October invites viewers to enjoy chilling movies that range from the creepy to the downright terrifying. But not all viewers enjoy being scared. That doesn’t mean those with more moderate tastes should give up a Halloween ambient film festival or a comfy night out.

No matter why horror movies are off the table, there’s plenty of Halloween-adjacent material just waiting to bring those cozy fall feelings. Get ready to curl up and enjoy watching these movies without turning on the lights. From comedy to kids’ viewing, here are six winners to watch.

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Coco Celebrates the Day of the Dead

Technically, Día de los Muertos takes place the day after Halloween, but since it’s a celebration of deceased family members, it certainly brings that Halloween feeling. Disney brings the rich Mesoamerican traditions of this holiday to life in Coconut. Filled with songs, colorful animations and a touching family story, Coconut it certainly sets the mood without the scares.

Music is life for Miguel. Unfortunately, he was born into a family that forbids music. Through family histories, he knows that he wasn’t always like this. His great-great-grandfather was a legendary musician, but he broke Miguel’s great-great-grandmother Coco’s heart. Miguel’s insistent journey to reconnect with his ancestors brings love, joy and music to the whole family.

Coco is available on Disney+.

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Casper brings home the capers from the classic friendly ghost

Casper the friendly ghost has been around since the late 1930s in one form or another, visiting the pages of books and comics and making appearances as cartoons. In 1995, he ventured into feature films opposite Christina Ricci and Bill Pullman in casper. And as he has been doing for the last eighty-odd years, the Casper movie showed the lighter side of being haunted.

Pullman and Ricci, playing father and daughter, move into a house haunted by three troublesome ghosts. Casper, who has never enjoyed chasing the living, helps Ricci and Pullman put an end to their pranks and reclaim the house as a proper home. casper has all the ghosts that October deserves. She gets into the Halloween spirit without any of the scares.

Prime Video has Casper available to rent.

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Bewitched is the classic ‘Boy Meets Witch’ story

Looking for a comedy about witches to get into the Halloween mood without having to watch Hocus Pocus one more time? Haunted is here to deliver the magic. With actors Nicole Kidman, Will Ferrell, Shirley MacLaine and Michael Caine, Haunted it certainly dabbles in star power.

This movie is a parody of the 1960s sitcom. Haunted. In the film, an egotistical actor with a stagnant career decides to restart the TV show with him as the male lead. To make himself shine, he demands that a Nameless One be thrown in front of him. Unknowingly, the role of a witch housewife turns into a real witch. From there, the problems and the laughs unravel easily.

Bewitched is available on Hulu or Prime Video.

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Have a blast with Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky

Adam Sandler walks a fine line with his movies, keeping his humor cheeky but not too crude. His jokes are goofy but not too silly, and the plots tend to be adorably silly. little nicky play true to form. Sandler has his usual crew performing alongside him, and the chemistry is unmistakable.

In little nicky, Sandler plays the clumsy son of the devil, who likes butterflies and death metal. When his two violent older brothers decide to overthrow his father, the Devil, and rule both Hell and Earth with rampant sin, it’s up to Nicky to save the day. Needless to say, what follows is a deliciously irreverent game from hell to heaven and everywhere in between.

Watch Little Nicky on Netflix.

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Enchanted’s Ball puts Halloween costume parties to shame

from Disney delighted makes the list for its lavish costumes, dragons, and evil stepmother. While it doesn’t take place during Halloween, Enchanted captures a lot of those necessary feelings. And if costumes matter, then delighted has it covered. The big climax takes place at a New York masquerade ball where princesses at heart of all ages dream of dressing up and attending.

delighted combines 2D animation and live action in a classic fairy tale. A clueless maiden desires nothing more than true love’s kiss. She struggles to cope when she is accidentally transported to modern-day New York City. While the city offers her lessons on love in the real world, she has a lot to teach New Yorkers about hope and happiness. The hardest part? Find kindness. Amy Adams, Patrick Dempsey, and James Marsden bring this quest to life in a wonderful way.

Enchanted is available to stream on Disney+.

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You’ve got mailKathleen Kelly’s main character revels in the changing seasons in her beloved New York City neighborhood. Much of the romantic comedy takes place over the fall and Christmas seasons, offering viewers fantastical images of New York, illustrating the allure she loves. Regardless of the season, You’ve got mail beautifully sets the scene and atmosphere for a cozy romance.

Kathleen Kelly inherited her mother’s bookstore, which the locals love. Like many small businesses, he runs into trouble when the corporate megastore moves across the street. She takes her troubles online and finds anonymous solace in a blossoming internet romance. In real life, she is tormented by the owner of the bookstore chain, whom she hates for destroying the local environment. As expected, both are falling in love with the supposed enemy. Still, the sweetness with how they finally connect leaves a lot of warm fluff behind.

Watch You’ve Got Mail on Hulu.

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