The Best Capsaicin Cookie Toppings Created at Cookie Run Kingdom


    Capsaicin Cookie is Cookie Run: Kingdom’s spicy and fiery Epic Charge Cookie that prioritizes the team’s Frontline position. He can inflict loads of burning and magma debuffs on enemies, and transform into a Spice Overlord to deal the finishing blow. He is also resistant to immobilization, as it would result in his immortality for a short period. If you happened to look up the capsaicin cookie, here’s everything you know about how to build it.

    The Best Compilation of Capsaicin Cookie Ingredients at CRK

    Capsaicin Cookie lives at the forefront of the team, which means she needs survival first and foremost. You also need a lot of ATK to increase your Burn DMG as much as possible. His best Toppings would be the following:

    • x5 Solid Almond (best in the groove): This is the best option for capsaicin to ensure its survivability.
    • Burning Raspberry x5 – this is an optional set that works for capsaicin due to the helpful ATK boost, but you’ll need to roll for bonus DMG Resist stats for it to work.
    • x3 Solid Almond + x2 Burning Raspberry – if you’re having trouble putting together a full set of solid almonds, you can temporarily replace two with searing raspberries.

    For bonus stats, focus on generating as much resistance to DMG as possible, as well as some ATK.

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    Top Treasures for the Capsaicin Cookie at CRK

    Capsaicin Cookie is best paired with ATK-boosting treasures and generally useful picks, such as the following:

    • Sleepyhead Jelly Watch or Squishy Watch – for cooldown reduction plus ATK boost (if using Sleepyhead)
    • Dream Driver Whistle – amazing DPS Treasure that will benefit your team regardless of your comp
    • Shiny sugar swan feather – useful for reviving during PvP
    • Old Pilgrim’s Scroll – useful and obvious ATK boost

    Capsaicin Cookie Ability Information in Cookie Run: Kingdom

    Capsaicin Magma:

    • The capsaicin cookie transforms with the surge of magma power. Once transformed, his regular attacks will cause lava eruptions, inflicting burning and magma debuffs on enemies. While transforming, the Capsaicin Cookie will briefly become resistant to interrupt effects. After her transformation, Capsaicin Cookie will enter Spice Overlord mode with all the intense power of magma and deal her final blow. If he becomes rooted during battle, he will become immortal, dispelling his debuffs, and cannot be rooted for a set period. The first cooldown of the Capsaicin Cookie ability will be shortened, allowing for faster use of the ability.

    skill specs:

    • Cool down: 15 seconds, one second initial cooldown
    • One Hit DMG: 32.4 percent ATK
    • lava eruption DMG: 97.2 percent ATK
    • Magma Debuff: Shoot DMG +20 percent for 20 seconds, stacks up to three times
    • burn damage: 27.3 percent DMG every second for 16 seconds, stacks up to three times
    • Overlord of Spice DMG: 362.4 percent ATK
    • Spice Overlord Burn DMG: 54.6% DMG every 0.8 seconds for 16 seconds, stacks up to once
    • Spice Overlord Lava Eruption DMG: 130 percent ATK + 20 percent DMG for each Magma debuff stack
    • Immortality: lasts six seconds, activates once

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