In Dungeons & Dragons, Barbarians are well-known for being the heavy-hitting tanks who energy by way of battle encounters by way of their sheer power and rage, standing as a wall towards the game’s fodder enemies, and the Ancestral Guardian Barbarian is not any exception. The Ancestral Guardian Barbarian will, for probably the most half, be up shut and private in fight, although this subclass does have a number of particular skills that partially give it the texture of a Support class. These embrace imposing drawback on enemies and shielding allies from harm as soon as per spherical, which might actually assist when the rolls aren’t going within the social gathering’s favor. This manages to make the Ancestral Guardian subclass stand aside from different Barbarian subclasses and really feel recent.

Due to the ways in which the Ancestral Guardian subclass is exclusive, gamers who’re enthusiastic about attempting it out would possibly discover themselves at a loss for the way to begin constructing their new character. This information will present gamers the place they will begin whereas additionally providing a number of extra expanded ideas.

Ancestral Guardian Barbarian Build Summary

Race Human, Half-Orc, Goliath, or Gem Dragonborn
Ability Scores (so as of significance) Strength, Constitution, Wisdom or Dexterity, Charisma, Intelligence
Feats Sentinel, Mobile, Shield Master, Great Weapon Master, Orcish Fury

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Strength and Constitution Are Vital

Since the Ancestral Guardian Barbarian is consistently in the course of fight, Strength and Constitution must be their main stats. Strength is required to assault enemies, and Constitution is required to lift total Hit Points and keep within the battle for for much longer. Because of the Unarmored Defense function of the category, many Barbarians are likely to have a decrease Armor Class and may make up for this with extra Hit Points.

The third most essential stat could be both Dexterity or Wisdom, but it surely’s largely as much as the participant’s preferences. At Level 10, the Ancestral Guardian learns two ritual spells, Augury and Clairvoyance, and makes use of the Wisdom stat for his or her spellcasting. However, the participant can enhance the aforementioned Unarmored Defense function by investing in Dexterity, so it relies on the participant’s desire for higher spellcasting or higher protection.

The closing two stats are Charisma and Intelligence, and neither will significantly do loads for a Barbarian character on a mechanical stage. Choosing which is healthier to be used as a dump stat might depend on role-play decisions, although it is value mentioning that Intimidation, a stable talent for Barbarians, is tied to Charisma. However, many tables use home guidelines that tie Intimidation to Strength, so this may increasingly not even be a consider some instances.

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The Best Races for an Ancestral Guardian Barbarian

Choosing to play a Human is, in fact, all the time an excellent alternative. They’re versatile but additionally easy for brand new gamers and even veteran gamers who need one thing somewhat simpler than their final character. However, there are different races that may even be higher suited to the Ancestral Guardian Barbarian, for these trying to get a bit extra advanced.

Goliaths and Half-Orcs mesh nicely with any melee class, as each get a rise in Strength from their racial means scores. Goliaths have the Stone’s Endurance trait and Half-Orcs the Relentless Endurance trait, each of which can be utilized to push a melee character like a Barbarian far previous their limits and keep in fight longer.

However, for gamers trying to step away from extra commonplace content material, there’s one race that may stand above the remainder. Found in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, the Gem Dragonborn would possibly simply be the right 5e race for Barbarians. The Gem Dragonborn permits for extra versatility when constructing stats, in addition to the flexibility to decide on Radiant, Necrotic, and even Force Damage as the sort related to their Dragon ancestry, permitting for some superb resistances and breath weapon utility. Further, beginning on the fifth stage, the Gem Dragonborn can develop momentary wings and fly throughout the battlefield, which takes care of one of many biggest weaknesses of the Barbarian class: flying enemies.

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The Best Feats for an Ancestral Guardian Barbarian

The Ancestral Guardian Barbarian will need to keep in the course of the motion, and the potential feats they take ought to mirror this. For instance, the Sentinel feat can cease enemies who’re attempting to depart the participant’s assault vary, retaining them proper subsequent to the Barbarian for one more flip. On the other finish of that, selecting the Mobile feat can drastically improve the Barbarian’s pace, permitting them to catch as much as the place the motion is way quicker in the event that they get separated from it.

The Shield Master feat is one other nice possibility, because it not solely will increase protection but additionally improves Dexterity saving throws. However, this feat does require the Barbarian to be wielding a protect, which not each Barbarian participant is inclined to do because it removes the flexibility to make use of two-handed or versatile weapons. These weapons are sometimes the perfect for Barbarians. Alternatively, taking the Great Weapon Master feat does the other, granting far more highly effective strikes from heavier weapons however taking away the flexibility to make use of a protect. Choosing between Shield Master and Great Weapon Master is due to this fact finally all the way down to a participant’s private playstyle.

Finally, for gamers who selected Half-Orc as their Barbarian’s race, the feat Orcish Fury builds upon the Half-Orc’s strengths, giving them additional energy behind an assault as soon as per quick or lengthy relaxation. The feat even improves the Relentless Endurance racial trait by including assault energy behind it.

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