The Batman’s Riddler Prequel Reveals New Facts About the Villain


The Riddle: Year One reveals new details about the main villain of the batman.

Written by Riddler actor Paul Dano with art by Stevan Subic, The Riddle: Year One is a prequel comic series set before Matt Reeves’ hit movie, focusing on Edward Nashton before he became the puzzling antagonist. A preview of the title’s debut issue delves into Edward’s psyche, his inner thoughts on Gotham City, and his work as a forensic accountant.

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The Riddler: Year One Expands on Batman Prequel Novel

a month before the batman Released in theaters on March 4, 2022, fans were able to get their hands on a copy from author David Lewman and Random House. Before Batman: An Original Movie Novel. The book first revealed Nashton’s accounting background, along with his origin as an orphan who grew up at Wayne Manor after the Wayne family turned it into an orphanage. The next issue offers a closer look at how Nashton felt about his job and his place in the city.

The preview appears to open with Nashton having a panic attack at his desk, before calming down and immersing himself in the spreadsheets in front of him. His case leader Zach then asks Nashton if he’s terminated a particular account, and Edward’s internal dialogue questions why he’s answering to a supervisor who has less experience in the office than he does, attributing possible reasons to ” a fancy degree” or “a daddy in high places,” before saying to himself, “Maybe I should just let my limp body slide down a sewer.” The moment reveals that the nickname given to Nashton by his supervisor is “Rain Man”, a reference to the 1988 film. rain man starring actors Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman.

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Batman Riddler is scared and disgusted by Gotham City

As for how Nashton views Gotham, he is seen listening to a self-help podcast hosted by Rene Rouge, telling the listener, “You’re in charge of your life. Change your focus. What you focus on is what you create.” Nashton wonders how he can change his focus on Gotham, saying that the city “scares” him and “disgusts him” by seeing different types of citizens, from people stuck on their phones to homeless people to drug dealers and more. The last question Nashton asks himself is why it is so difficult for him to be happy when it is easier for others.


  • Written by PAUL DANO
  • Variant covers by JIM LEE and STEVAN SUBIC
  • 1:25 scale variant cover by GREG RUTH
  • 1:50 scale variant cover of TULA LOTAY
  • KOUTA SASAI 1:100 Variant Cover
  • Variant cover 1:250 by JIM LEE
  • $4.99 US | 32 pages | 1 of 6 | (all cardboard covers)
  • ON SALE 10/25/22
  • As shown in Matt Reeves’ hit movie The Batman, the Riddler wasn’t just a funny eccentric with an affinity for puns and puzzling clues, but as terrifying a villain as any in Dark Knight annals. Here you can see Edward Nashton become the menace known as the Riddler. How did an unknown forensic accountant uncover the dark secrets of Gotham’s underworld and come so close to bringing the entire city down? This six-issue miniseries is an immediate prequel to The Batman: the detailed, disturbing, and at times shocking story of a man with nothing to lose.
  • Artist Stevan Subic makes his American comics debut, including a variant cover that is the first of six interlocking covers. This collaboration with Dano offers a dark and raw story of a forgotten man of society who refuses to go unnoticed any longer. Subic’s recent Conan the Cimmerian for French publisher Glénat has brought him high praise in Europe, and he’s about to break out globally with a Batman series unlike any you’ve seen before.

The Riddle: Year One Issue #1 is written by Dano with art by Subic, lyrics by Clayton Cowles, and front cover by Bill Sienkiewicz. Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Subic, Greg Ruth, Tula Lotay, and Kouta Sasai contributed variant covers for the issue. The issue goes on sale October 25 from DC Comics.

Source: DC Comics

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