The Artful Escape Achievement Guide

How to get all achievements in The Artful Escape

Story Based (Unmissable)

Made it home: Arrive at Francis’ house

The Journey Begins: Leave Lightman’s workshop

Complete Heliotromms: Defeat Tromms

New Threads: Create a custom outfil

Complete GlimmerDimm: Defeat Glimmer

Complete Hyperion: Defeat GlamourGonn

Guitar Legend: Complete the Game


Light it up: After you first meet Zonn (the alien with its brain showing) outside of your house, you’ll be able to use your guitar and light up houses around the town. Hold down your guitar playing button and run around the entire 3rd, 2nd, and 1st floors of Calypso before talking to Zonn / Lightman. Make sure to run to the right first on the 1st floor.

Stage Fright: In your first encounter with Lightman, in Calypso, do nothing for 3 minutes while the game tries to get you to press notes. This can also be done in many other places.

Snowman: Near the start of the 1st world, the Snow Mountain, there will be a single snowman in the background. Stop in front of it and play your guitar for a few seconds and the achievement will trigger.

How’d you get up there: Near the start of the 2nd world, the Desert, you’ll come across a water area with jelly springs. At the end of this section there will be a large jelly up onto a high plateau that has an arch above it and then a water slide immediately beyond it. Jump up high using the jelly and momentum and you can get on top of this arch without too much trouble. Stand on top for a few seconds and the achievement will trigger.

Amp Jammer: Throughout the 3 worlds (Snow, Desert, and Jungle) there will be circles with light coming up out of them, that you slam down on. Many of these are mandatory for progression, but not all of them. There are 1-2 in each area that are missable. Make sure to slam on every one of these in each of the 3 areas, and win the mini-game that appears after. This will trigger midway through the Jungle.

And that’s it. Fairly easy game to 100% in 1 playthrough. If anyone has questions, please let me know. If this helped, I do appreciate thumbs up and/or awards. Cheers!

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love The Artful Escape Achievement Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank tasselfoot. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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