The Apex Legends pros call on the ALGS-organisations to put all three 2023 LANs in London



    After the initial announcement of the first LAN of the competitions, the first LAN of the competitions is headed to London for the first time, but soon it was the first time that the team has seen such a thrill. There is speculation that London is the next LAN for ALGS, but nobody anticipated the UK to host all three LANs in 2023.

    However, that’s exactly what the organizers announced on Tuesday, the location of the Split One Playoffs, which will take place in February next year. The pros decided to host three separate events in one single space for the global series.

    Another missed opportunity from Apex. It’s true that the sumptuous figure of Apex legends exist.

    TSM ImperialHal (@ImperialHal) December 22, 2022.

    That’s not London itself. The city is definitely a worthy area for an ALGS LAN. There will be several British people playing on the tournaments that will take place this year in this area. There are many problems with the Internet. Because many American pros can only imagine an unsavory chance of this game, as ImperialHal told it a little.

    Pros and content creators alike questioned openly why the ALGS hasn’t yet attempted to host a LAN in Japan. The country still has plenty of questions to answer during tournaments due to the potential costs and COVID-19 restrictions. However, Japan is still home to one of the world’s most passionate fans.

    Don’t you believe that you won’t kill anyone in Japan?

    SZ Kine (@thekinetv) December 21, 2022.

    I think my only concern for that is lack of a lan in Japan, especially because of the kind of support for apex there. Really would have been an amazing event.

    Noko (@Nokokopuffs) December 21, 2022

    Recent announcement that VALORANT Champions Tour would go to Japan, the success of Riots with their avucking fanbase for the tactical shooter exacerbated some of these concerns. APAC North regularly provides some of the best teams in Apex, and also a big fanbase, but the ALGS will finish its second year with LAN events held exclusively in Europe and North America. Four of five LANs in EMEA are possible.

    Japanese crowd is S-tier #RiotGamesONE Yokohama Arena, 24th December 2022

    Paper Rex (@pprxteam) November 24, 2022.

    Some regions with a strong Apex ties are not allowed to host LANs all of the years in London, too. North America maintains many of the most popular games for the past year and hosted the ALGS Championship in an excellent manner. The winner of the last two ALGS LANs, which currently has a dark zone, comes from Australia. The APAC south is another region with no hint of the ALGS, with their teams having very strong international performances. The IEM Rio Major in CS:GO showcased how passionate South American esports fans can be, especially when the teams representing their countries participate.

    Placing every LAN in London has most likely been helping solve some of the problems which plagued ALGS LANs this past year, such as visas and many players’ refusal to travel to LAN events. It doesn’t seem to fit the international spirit of the ALGS and its meaning.

    Unlike a real human to me, its vast global appeal is enough to get caught up in that liar.

    FaZe Snip3down (@Snip3down) December 21, 2022.

    Despite the massive plan to play the Split One Playoffs (and most likely the playoffs for the second split, which was also announced last month) it remains to be seen whether the ALGS will give more fans the opportunity to see the live performances of their tournaments.



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