The Android version is working well


    If you know a app called scrcpy, we have a good chance. That app that allows you to get your android phones over to the television and connect your Android devices has arrived on version 1.25. This release comes with a few improvements and fixes. But it has also a few major changes, especially for those using Android 13.

    Android: There’s a new version of scrcpy. Update now

    If you’ve never used this tool, then it’s worth finding out. The first of them is a server-based application sent to the target Android device, while the second is a computer-based application that communicates with the server via an ADB tunnel. Despite being a free solution, scrcpy is open source, easily scalable, and has the most advanced screen mirroring tools.

    One of the most useful features of the v1.25 update is that scrcpy is now fully compatible with Android 13, including the possibility to reproduce and paste documents. Despite the previous version of scrcpy in which it could mirror a mobile device running iOS 13, it was impossible to keep anything between the host clipboard and the Android device (or vice versa). With the support of the server module there is no error in downloading the clipboard.

    One of the benefits of high-resolution scrolling is improved to the user interface. In practice, this results in smoother scrolling.

    In the meantime, you can open the repository on GitHub, then contribute to it as well as download pre-compiled projects. If you have the application downloaded by a package manager, check the latest version.

    Here’s a video app for downloading. So, don’t waste time and download it now. It’s really worth using it.


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