The 23 issues that occur not for CFM (not for connecting or disconnecting) acknowledged the fact that the issue is not linked or disconnected


    It’s Thanksgiving, and better way to spend it than sitting on your couch, managing your favorite football team, and winning the Super Bowl with them.

    The Madden 23s Franchise is for this purpose: you can play offline or in a league with up to 31 other players so that you can build your own NFL world.

    However, some players are having trouble with the CFM game mode.

    Madden 23 OFF related issues for CFM.

    A lot of Madden 23 gamers complain that they couldn’t play CFM due to the connection problems, in which they are either disconnected between matches or incapable of starting the game mode itself (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8).

    You have the source (cancel / tap to see it)

    There seems to be issues with the server, because players receive a prompt from the server that states that our servers cannot, at the moment, process your request while attempting to play the game mode.

    This is almost the Christmas present that the players wanted, because they can’t resume their season on CFM no matter how many times they try.

    It seems that this problem has been a long time and caused a lot of inconvenience. MUT is on the other side completely operational and accessible.

    Several CFM players feel the developers are neglecting them as the MUT had the same problem that was quickly resolved (1,2,3).

    CFMs are being held hostage once again for mut issues. Unreal. I’d just like to play my first game with Justin Fields on the dolphins in year 3 of my online CD. I had two years ago with noodle arm Tua lol. Source

    When we turn up something else, something else goes wrong do yall hate CFM that much cause you don’t make money like MUT. Source

    Issue acknowledged

    Madden support has acknowledged the connection issue while attempting to connect to the CFM and said they are looking into it. Nevertheless, no time was provided for a fixed fix. Source

    EA announced the maintenance of a server, which we hope will address the problem.

    Server maintenance is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. tomorrow morning. Solo battles are going to begin at 6:00. Please complete all of the games before the maintenance begins. Source

    All that said, we would stay ahead of the recent developments, including the Madden 23 CFM issue, and keep up with this story whenever there is any news.

    From the caption: Madden 23.

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