The 20 Best Mods for Final Fantasy XIV


    A great mod is like a love letter to a video game, and Final Fantasy XIV has received many love letters since its debut in 2010. Mods are usually created by dedicated gamers who want to fix a certain problem by retexturing, changing color or organization of a rebel element. If you’re looking for the best ones to use with FFXIV, we’ve got you covered.

    Best FFXIV Mods (2023)

    1. Moogle Maps

    Screenshot via Square Enix

    While most of the mods on this list are designed for cosmetic purposes only, moogle maps It’s a really useful plugin. This mod replaces the original map texture with a new overlay that puts daily hunt monster and treasure locations right on your radar, making the general act of engaging in these hunts much more convenient.

    2. Fr4nsson’s FFXIV Setup

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Fr4nsson)

    If you’re new to MMORPGs, then FFXIV’s user interface probably isn’t the easiest to use (even veterans complain about that from time to time). Fr4nsson created this FFXIV custom settings complete with a clean informative HUD layout where jobs have all spells assigned to hotbars. It’s not for everyone, especially those who already have hotkeys they’re used to, but it’s a great mod if the game’s HUD overwhelms you.

    3. The novelty

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (TamahomeXIV)

    the novelty makes the world of FFXIV more vibrant through improvements to lighting and shadows. Colors are more vivid and it’s easier to appreciate small details that you might not otherwise have noticed. The best part? The Newness doesn’t put any pressure on your frame rate, so you get all the benefits of improved graphics without any of the potential downsides that come with installing heavier mods.

    4. HD Hrothgar Faces

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Explosive196)

    If you’re playing as a Hrothgar and constantly being let down by low-res rendering, you’re not alone. Hrothgar HD Faces Retexture the base of Hrothgar’s faces to make your animal warrior stand out as it deserves.

    5. Look Refined

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (dricent74656)

    If you are on the other side of the Shadowbringers race additions and want to show your Viera some love, download Refined Look. This mod adds new textures for skin quality, lips, and eyes, so your bunny girl (and the upcoming one with the Endwalker expansion, the bunny) looks perfect in every scene.

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    6. Toque de Real (Masculine and Feminine)

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (dricent74656)

    touch of the real Male and Female The mods are some of the best face retexturing packs available. True to its name, Touch of Real replaces the original face bases with strikingly realistic textures to make you feel even more connected to your FFXIV alter ego. Just keep in mind that, at this time, the only races that can get these textures are Hyur, Miqo’te, and Elezen.

    7. NPC defined

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (SofieHiyatsuki)

    He Defined NPC mod ensures that your own character isn’t the only lovely creature roaming Eorzea – ​​various NPCs throughout the game also get a texture upgrade. The original texture design of these characters has not been altered or softened, enhanced to enhance facial detail four times over. This is the ideal mod for the kind of people who kick out Animal Crossing villagers because they are “too ugly”.

    8. Eorzean Owl Eyes

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (TeenyOwlet)

    Eorzean Owl Eyes Not only does it retexture the eyes to make them brighter and more realistic, but this mod also takes race and subrace-specific customizations into account, so no texture revision is completely the same, and there are hundreds to choose from.

    9. HD Summons

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (dricent74656)

    If you are a scholar or summoner, you might be interested in this HD Summons modification. Your beloved pets have never looked better than in high definition, with vibrant colors and sharp details that make your summons feel exciting again. Perhaps the beauty update will inspire them to fight harder in battle? We can wait.

    10. Vivid Gshade Preset

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Wafflezs)

    This immersive mod improves color settings and makes subtle environmental corrections. Vivid Gshade Preset it offers several color schemes you can choose from and an atmospheric mist that you can adjust to your preference. All of Eorzea will look sharp and beautiful with this installed! Just make sure that your device can run a mod of this size, otherwise you may have problems with the game.

    11. Defined hair

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (SaikaDarkmoon)

    A favorite among the FFXIV mod community, defined hair Replaces the original hair, eyelashes, eyebrows, and beard textures for every race and gender in the game. That’s a lot. More than 1000 textures, in fact. Hair is notoriously difficult to render in video games, but if that fact bothers you, then this mod is sure to enhance your gaming experience.

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    12. Defined face

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Sofie and Kylie)

    A complementary modification of Hair Defined, defined face Enhances the facial features of every face in FFXIV. For example, the mod improves eye textures, skin texture, and more. The good thing about this is that it barely affects game performance, so you can enter heavily populated areas like the main square of Limsa Lominsa without too much trouble.

    13. Eyeliner Pack

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Bizu)

    Despite the plethora of options, FFXIV’s character creator can still feel a bit sparse. Kind of like… eyeliners. He eyeliner pack is a mod that offers four different eyeliner styles (bold n’ brash, octotako, low flyer, and double wing liner) to give your hero a little more cheekiness. It works wonders at Au Ras!

    14. Hrothgar and Viera Hats

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (RoxlLuikhart)

    One of the downsides to playing as racers with big ears or heads is the lack of helmet access. Thanks to Hrothgar and Viera Hats mod, players can deck out their demi-human characters with the best hats and helmets. This is a great alternative to changing your character’s race through Fantasia or going without your favorite hat.

    15. 4K Material UI for Endwalker

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (skotlex)

    Those looking for an enhanced user interface experience will enjoy the 4K Material UI for Endwalker. The model integrates a higher quality interface for easier navigation. The sharp image quality will ensure that you don’t have trouble with readability commands or see more minor prompts. This mod replaces the original FFXIV theme, so take a last look at your UI before applying this mod to your game.

    16. All Super Shiny Latex

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Phoenix mods)

    Super Shiny Latex Everything is a color set mod that can make any outfit look like latex. It won’t change the color set of all your items, don’t worry! You will need to select the gear items you want in latex and manually replace their color set. It’s easier than it sounds, and there’s a community to help you when you’re stuck.

    17. Improved texture of armor equipment

    Screenshot via Nexus Modes (Karoffels)

    No matter how impressive the armor in Final Fantasy XIV may be, there are cases where the textures just don’t match the splendor of the gear. final fantasy Improved Armor Gear Texture mod adds visual improvements to armor and equipment, ensuring that your favorite armor set is as beautiful as possible. You’ll look great on the screenshots you send to your friends.

    18. The tail remover

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Darkstick)

    The tail remover mod in Final Fantasy XIV allows users to hide the tails of certain races in the game. If you’re not a fan of how your playable class looks with a queue and you don’t want to see other players’ queues on screen, play around with the settings with this mod to make your MMO experience queue-free if you want.

    19. Simple and Clean: GShade Gaming Preset

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Vrayth)

    While the visuals of Final Fantasy XIV may be stunning, the Simple and clean GShade game preset improves visuals, adding new lighting features and the option to toggle between light, tall and ultra presets to tailor your mod experience. Enjoy the rays of the sun or the flames of a campfire while the rays illuminate your character!

    20. Gray Chat Box Remover

    Screenshot via Nexus Mods (Keyain)

    As its name indicates, this mod remove gray boxes behind chat tabs to make screens look less busy. We even found that it makes the screen feel a little bigger, but that’s just us!

    How good is using mods in FFXIV?

    The general rule of thumb about using mods in FFXIV (and most other MMOs) is that as long as the mod only spawns on your side, it’s mildly tolerated:just don’t discuss mods in the game.

    Always do your research before downloading mods to make sure the files are safe, are the right size for your device (the bigger the mod, the higher the chance of the game crashing), and work alongside any other mods you already have. have installed.

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