The 10 Worst Things That Happened To Sanji In One Piece


Sanji Vinsmoke is the chef of the Straw Hat Pirates in One piece. As one of the oldest members of the crew, he has had many opportunities to prove himself as a warrior and as a person.

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Over time, Sanji’s personality and decisions have made him one piece most controversial main character. However, it could be argued that he is not to blame; The young man faced so many difficulties that it is difficult to hold him fully responsible for his shortcomings. By pinpointing the worst things that happened to Sanji, it becomes easier to determine if he really is forgiving.

10/10 Sanji started a losing rivalry with Zoro

Despite being two of the three members of the “Monster Trio”, Sanji’s rivalry with Zoro has nothing to do with his power. Instead, he began by her attempts to defend Nami from Zoro’s irritability. It wasn’t long before the swordsman’s anger changed and their relationship has never been strong since.

Nonetheless, Sanji’s feud with Zoro is a loss. He is constantly outmatched in the opponents he defeats or the rewards both sides receive. Also, only Zoro has the honor of being Luffy’s first mate, a factor that Sanji prefers to ignore.

9/10 Sanji was abused as a child

Sanji’s upbringing was less than stellar. Raised by Vinsmoke Judge of the Germa 66 empire, he was expected to become a ruthless conqueror of the North Blue. Lacking the biological enhancements of his siblings at the time, he had neither the ability nor the will to meet his father’s outrageous demands.

Recognizing his vulnerability, Sanji’s brothers beat him almost to the point of unconsciousness every day. Disgusted by his son and hoping to make an example of him, Judge condoned his behavior and later even personally imprisoned Sanji.

8/10 Kuma sent Sanji to the kingdom of Kamabakka

When Kuma dispersed the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji was sent to the Kamabakka Kingdom. Though for his own good, his relationship with his residents immediately soured.

Sanji did not accept their gender identities and they, in turn, tried to impose a new identity on him. As a result, Sanji spent most of the two years running away from his advances while he learned the island’s recipes in order to strengthen his own body beyond its natural limits. The chef’s time in the Kamabakka Kingdom may have been miserable, though he benefited immensely from the training.

7/10 Eneru almost killed Sanji on Skypiea.

The events of Skypiea pushed the Straw Hats to their limits. Eneru’s Fruit Lodge proved particularly tricky as no one apart from Luffy was able to harm him at the time.

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Regardless, Sanji came to Usopp and Nami’s aid against the evil “god”, distracting him while his weaker teammates made their escape. Irritated by his brashness, Eneru shocked the chef with millions of volts, nearly killing him. Although he remains one of Sanji’s highlights, he also ranked among the most physically painful moments of his life.

6/10 Sanji was humiliated by Gin at the Baratie.

When the Krieg Pirates attacked the Baratie, Sanji had a personal investment in defending it. He saw Zeff as a father figure and the restaurant as his home. By stepping forward, Sanji hoped to show that he was as much a fighter as he was a cook.

However, Sanji’s feelings didn’t give him the strength to defeat Gin. Instead, he was beaten into submission in front of his closest allies and his future captain. Zoro may have also lost, though at least his opponent was the world’s most respectable swordsman rather than a common East Blue thug.

5/10 Sanji nearly starved to death on a desert island.

Marooned after a violent shipwreck, Sanji and Zeff had a limited number of rations to share for an undisclosed period of time. Zeff gave Sanji everything they had, but convinced him that it was just a small bite of the total amount.

After consuming his supplies, Sanji approached Zeff and planned to steal his food. He discovered that Zeff hadn’t eaten anything in the entire time and that the satchel next to him was just a bag of treasures. This was the moment Sanji realized how much the pirate sacrificed for him.

4/10 Sanji almost abandoned the Straw Hats in Dressrosa.

Shortly after arriving at Dressrosa, Sanji was quickly distracted. Immediately in love with Viola, he was delighted that she reciprocated her advances and even swore that the Straw Hats would be with her.

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It is later revealed that Viola was a member of the Donquixote Family and had been using Sanji to catch him off guard the entire time. Although Sanji managed to bring out the good in her, being tricked into abandoning her friends so quickly spoke ill of her character and nearly killed him.

3/10 Sanji was forced to marry pudding

At first, Sanji’s wedding to Pudding might not seem bad. She was attractive, sweet, and expressed a perfunctory interest in him, which were all qualities Sanji needed for a successful relationship.

However, Pudding’s exterior belies her dark intentions. In reality, she resented Sanji, making fun of his numerous illnesses and even trying to kill him. To make matters worse, Sanji had no choice but to marry her since Germa 66 had taken Baratie’s cooks hostage.

2/10 Sanji was forced to fight and defeat Luffy.

By the time Luffy met Sanji on Whole Cake Island, he was already very worn out. A previous battle with Cracker pushed him over the edge, for which he was thankful when he guessed that his troubles were over.

However, instead of escorting Luffy back to the Sunny, Sanji berates him and demands that he return. When Luffy refused, Sanji was forced to beat Luffy unconscious. This was particularly heartbreaking for him, as Luffy did not fight back despite his friend’s punishments.

1/10 Sanji suffered the death of his own mother

Even as a child, Sanji’s mother was seriously ill and physically weak. He tried to cook for her in order to cheer her up. Although he was no good at all, she accepted and ate the food gracefully. The local servants were shocked at the disgusting foods she ate to brighten up Sanji’s world.

However, their relationship would not last forever. After Sanji was expelled from the Germa Kingdom, he would never see his mother again. She succumbed to his illnesses, which meant the death of the only family she had ever cared about.

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