The 10 Rarest Star Wars Toys (& How Much They Cost)


Given how popular Star Wars is for generations of fans, it will come as no surprise that the toys have more than sentimental value. Over 40 years of plastic creates a huge supply, but not all is equal. Some of the most expensive toys in history are based on some of the most beloved. Star Wars characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader.

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But what are the rarest and most expensive toys of all? Certain action figures from the 1970s and 1980s have aged gracefully, as long as they remain in their original packaging. Special and telescopic double action figures are some of the rarest and most expensive. Star Wars figures are available, but finding them at reasonable prices can be difficult.

Updated October 23, 2022 by Cole Kennedy: Every year, the prices of these action figures and toys fluctuate. Some are more expensive, while others have dropped in price due to lower demand. Regardless, the classic Star Wars figures from the original trilogy era remain some of the rarest and best action figures of all time, providing centerpieces for any Star Wars memorabilia collector.

10/10 Star Wars Vintage Blue Snaggletooth

Price: $1100+

Blue Snaggletooth is an early and classic example of what makes Star Wars toys so rare and unique. Originally bundled exclusively with a Cantina Adventure Playset that kids could only get at Sears, he was depicted as a tall alien in blue overalls.

Kenner realized that Snaggletooth was actually small and red, and when it appeared on a single card in 1979, the Blue Snaggletooth was revised and removed. Consequently, he sports a reconfigured character design that is highly sought after on the mint plastic bag of him.

9/10 Yakface (Force Powers)

Price: $8000+

Yakface was meant to be offered on a card in the United States, but never was. In 1985, the line ended with children’s lack of interest in GI Joe and Transformers. Yakface never made it to the shelves, except abroad. Yakface briefly appeared in return of the jedi and made minor appearances in the future Star Wars novels and comics.

For that reason, this figure is highly sought after by fans around the world. If it’s on the card, particularly with the collector coin that was included with the Power of the Force line, then Yakface instantly skyrockets in price, with higher quality figures going for thousands of dollars.

8/10 Empire Strikes Back Special Action Figure Sets

Price: $10,000+

Early in the Kenner line, the company offered the figures, usually single-card, in special gift sets intended for parents for holidays, birthdays, and the like. These were nowhere near the regular line distribution and their scarcity and value are astronomical.

Kenner produced several outfits for both Star Wars Y The Empire Strikes Back, in different combinations that were generally oriented around a common theme (heroes, villains, weird aliens). Individual games still in the bundle can cost upwards of $10,000 each.

Price: $11,000+

A smaller but no less fascinating part of the Star Wars The world of collecting is foreign variations. While Kenner distributed Star Wars toys in the United States and Canada, Palitoy handled affairs in Europe. The figures remained largely the same, but the cards varied significantly in some cases and produced unusual interests, including FX-7.

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A common figure whose American card is not too expensive, its Tri-Logo Palitoy variation, different mainly in that the Kenner proclaims it FX-7 (Medical Droid) and the Palitoy only FX-7, can cost fans an arm and a leg.

6/10 Telescopic Double Luke Skywalker

Price: $25,000+

Many of the most expensive Star Wars toys are products of production rarities or extreme scarcity. Luke Skywalker is one of the first. By far one of the most produced figures in the line, when he first shipped the Early Bird kit meant to help eager fans, he came with a lightsaber extending out of his arm to recreate the lighting effect. .

The initial saber telescoped twice, but the construction was complicated and Kenner feared the pieces would be lost, so it was reduced to just one. Some versions of this figure ship on individual cards. The “Double Telescoping” line is infamous for its bizarre depiction of lightsaber wielders.

5/10 Sticker Cape Tatooine Jawa

Price: $28,000+

There are few figures that hold a more mythical status among Star Wars collectors than the Jawa vinyl cape. But there are other more expensive ones, which is lucky for people who still harbor dreams of acquiring this little one.

When the Jawa debuted in 1978, it came with a vinyl plastic cape like the other figures in the line. Kenner saw it and thought it made the figure look too cheap for its selling price of two dollars and change. So they quickly swapped out the vinyl cape for a cloth one, soon enough that many never even realized the vinyl version existed.

4/10 Star Wars Droids: Vlix

Price: $45,000+

Many collectors only found out about Vlix when they returned to finish their collections as adults. But they didn’t miss him since he was never available. At least not outside of Brazil. Vlix was meant to be part of the second wave of Star Wars figures dedicated to droids animated series, but the line was canceled before it appeared.

Despite this, Vlix was produced by the Brazilian distributor Glassite, making it one of the rarest and most sought after. Star Wars toys no one has ever heard of.

3/10 Double Telescopic Darth Vader

Price: $64,000+

Like Luke Skywalker, early versions of Darth Vader came with the dual telescoping lightsaber feature. Unlike Luke, almost none of these made it to market. The change was made before the production of the single card figures really ramped up, making this Sith Lord figure beyond expensive.

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Examples of this figure are more than rare and require very high level authentication, as fakes have sadly become a factor in the collecting hobby. A card version of a double telescoping Darth Vader would cost around $64,000, at the very least.

2/10 Obi-Wan Kenobi double telescoping

Price: $76,000+

Like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader before him, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi’s dual-scope variant is so rare it’s the stuff of legend. It’s hard to determine who’s really rarer, Vader or Obi-Wan, but a helpful guide is that an example of an Obi-Wan card sold at auction in 2018 sold for more than $76,000.

Only a few examples are believed to exist. If a person decides to invest in one, the fairly short length of the thin part of the saber, that needle-like part sticking out, is a good indication that the figure is the legitimate double-scoped version.

1/10 Boba Fett firing rockets

Price: $150,000+

Almost everyone says they had one, and no one did. Kenner had intended for Boba Fett to include a rocket launcher backpack when he mailed it to children in a small white cardboard box, but after an unfortunate accident involving another toy company, they dropped the idea.

Still, about two dozen prototypes survived in various stages of production, some painted, others simply molded in blue plastic. The rocket-firing Boba Fett is one of the most expensive Star Wars toys of all of them, suitable for one of the most popular Star Wars characters.

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