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    Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an asymmetrical survival horror where victims must make their escape while constantly evading the murderous Slaughter Family. The escape won’t be easy, as I found out that I require both wits to overcome obstacles in the way and athletics when the killers start catching up to me. In this article, we will cover all Victims and their respective attributes and skillsets in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game.

    All Victims and their attributes and skills in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game

    There is a total of five attributes defining each individual Victim’s strengths and weaknesses in Texas Chainsaw Massacre game:

    • Toughness
    • Strength
    • Endurance
    • Proficiency
    • Stealth

    As you play a Victim, you will gain XP, allowing you to level up any attribute you find your character lacking. For example, I thought that Sonny could well do with a health boost to make him a bit more survivable, so I raised his Toughness level by a few points. In the following list, we will address each individual Victim and their set of attributes in the game.

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    5 – Connie’s attributes and ability in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Connie’s main attribute lies in Proficiency in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Proficiency is the Attribute primarily used by Victims when they manipulate objects around them, while also making their lock picking more efficient and quick.

    Her Focused Ability allows her to pick locks without consuming her unlock tool. This ability means that she will get through locked doors much quicker, while also saving time scavanging tool boxes. The advantage comes with the expense of using up some stamina while losing the Family proximity warning, which I found a non-issue as I primarily rely on sound as a Family detection method.

    4 – Sonny’s attributes and ability in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Sonny’s primary attribute in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre is Endurance, increasing his overall stamina pool. Endurance is one of those Attributes vital to survival when you have a Family member hot on your heels as it’s vital to replenishing your stamina faster.

    Sonny’s unique Ability is Hightened Sense, which allows him to detect any noise made by the characters nearby, similar to The Cook. He will instantly be able to read their exact location, tracking them as they move through the map.

    3 – Julie’s attributes and ability in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Julie is the sneakiest Victim in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with her primary Attribute being Stealth. This Attribute allows her to perform actions and manipulate objects in the game more quietly than other Victims, which frequently means the difference between life and death.

    As an added bonus, Julie has an Ultimate Escape Ability, which allows her to move around the map while being untrackable by Family members. This ability is an excellent hard counter to Jonny and his Ability to track the Victim’s footsteps. Her stamina drain is also greatly reduced while this ability remains active.

    2 – Leland’s attributes and ability in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Leland is the burliest Victim in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, with Strength being his primary Attribute. Strength not only helps while confronting the Slaughter Family members, but also gives an additional speed boost when performing intensive tasks, like opening crawl spaces and restraints and kicking the generator to turn it off.

    Leland’s Ability is Life Saver, allowing him to stun a Family member by charging into them. This Ability can literally save his own, or somebody else’s life, by buying the Victim some time to escape from what could easily be a fatal encounter with a member of the Family.

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    1 – Ana’s attributes and ability in Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    Ana is the toughest of all Victims in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and her Toughness is her primary Attribute. Toughness allows characters to take more punishment by Family members without becoming incapacitated.

    Her Pain is Nothing Ability grants her temporary immunity from Sissy’s poisons, while also softening the damage taken from Family’s weapons and environmental damage.

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