Terraria How To Survive Goblin/Pirate Invasion

A quick guide on how to survive the goblin and the pirate invasion keeping npcs safe and without dying

How to make goblins/pirates unable to break doors

The easiest way to defeat goblin army and pirates is making them unable to enter buildings.

This way npcs are not gonna die and you will always have a safe place where you can go if you are dying.

There are two ways to make this: the first is to make iron/lead doors, but you will need ingots for this, and they could create a bad color association with you house.

The best way to make your buildings safe is digging a 2×1 hole in front of the door (Look at the screen down here to understand better). This way you and npcs will still be able to enter the building without any problems, but enemies will don’t be able to destroy them and enter.

Terraria How To Survive Goblin/Pirate Invasion

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