Tencent has teased the return of FPS Delta Force



    Military FPS Delta Force is being revived by Tencent 25 years after the game first debuted in 1998.

    Developer TiMi Studio Group teased the release of the new game, which will be the first time the IP has a new instalment since 2009’s Delta Force Xtreme 2.

    Delta Force is being revived by Tencent

    Tencent is reviving Delta Force, a series of tactical first-person shooters by NovaLogic. There were nine entries to the franchise between 1998 and 2009 before NovaLogic went out of business in 2016.

    The next instalment in the franchise, which has been announced almost 15 years after the previous games release, was teased in an official announceement trailer by Tencent on 18 August.

    The new Delta Force game will be cross-platform, available on PC, consoles, and mobile, and will have a campaign as well as a large-scale PVP mode.




    What do we know about Delta Force so far?

    Not much information about the new Delta Force is known at the moment, with more information set to be revealed at Gamescom.

    TiMi Studio Group is aiming to create a realistic military shooter that still fits with the original essence of the original game series.

    In an interview with IGN, producer Shadow Guo, said: “Our objective is to uphold the authentic essence of the original Delta Force game while infusing a near-future flavor from both artistic and narrative perspectives.

    “To achieve this, we developed the overarching storyline with realistic themes, employed real-life actors for character building, utilized photogrammetry for 3D world creation, captured tactical movements from military professionals, and sought guidance from former Special Forces personnel to ensure an authentic tone of resolute realism and professionalism within the military theme.”

    Guo also confirmed the game’s campaign will be based on the movie “Black Hawk Down.”

    He told IGN: “Players will be able to experience authentic and thrilling battles from the celebrated movie. Our team has extensively studied the movie and delved into the historical context respectfully. This dedicated research enabled us to recreate a truly authentic and immersive gaming experience that captures the essence of that monumental event.”

    There is not long to wait until we get more information about Delta Force, as the teaser trailer shows that more will be revealed on opening night at Gamescom on 22 August.




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