Tekken 7 Tier List: All Characters, Ranked (April 2023)


    With over 50 playable characters in Tekken 7, it can be overwhelming for both new and returning players to figure out who is the best to use. Since the game is released at a very low price quite often, new players are added every day, and it’s useful to know who dominates and who doesn’t.

    The best characters of Tekken 7

    Upper level

    Characters at this level often dominate in their matchups. That doesn’t mean a rookie would be an instant pro playing one of them, but it would certainly go a long way toward winning games early on.

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    Arguably the best character in all of Tekken 7, Akuma is a Street Fighter character, but he finds himself getting the job done against Yoshimitsu, which is certainly an interesting choice. Here’s who completes the top tier.

    • akuma
    • Leroy
    • Katarina
    • Julia
    • Jin
    • jin devil
    • howard geese
    • Pablo
    • Law
    • Marduk
    • Steve
    • feng
    • fahkumram

    Medium level

    Characters at this level are viable, but generally won’t dominate tournaments the way others would. A casual player can easily pick these characters up and be effective, but they just don’t have as much viability as the higher level. Unsurprisingly, a good chunk of the list is found here.

    • claudio
    • smooth
    • zafina
    • bryan
    • kazumi
    • deny
    • eliza
    • dragunov
    • shaheen
    • Katarina
    • Kunimitsu
    • Josephine
    • beto
    • kazuya
    • Miguel
    • Leeward
    • King
    • Lidia
    • lily
    • heihachi
    • armor king
    • gigabytes
    • Swirl
    • Hwoarang
    • Asuka

    Lower level

    Characters at this level can still be fun to play, but they’re hard to learn, and even when you do learn them, they won’t be as good. A button mashing player can find a lot of fun playing as Kuma or Panda, but people trying to upgrade are generally encouraged to stay away from them.

    • kuma
    • Panda
    • Ana
    • lucky Chloe
    • GanryĆ«
    • raven master
    • noctis
    • little girl
    • xiaoyu
    • Jack-7
    • Yoshimitsu
    • Laras
    • Lion
    • law

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