Tears of Themis Codes (December 2022)


    The power of the law is in your hands in Tears of Themis. Your mission is to lay down the law and find out why there have been an increasing number of violent incidents in the city of Stellis. These violent acts threaten the social security of many citizens in Stellis and through your tech-savvy senses you must bring these criminals to justice! Restore balance to the city as you solve cases and bring these wrongdoers to trial.

    As a gacha game, resource management is a natural part of the game. These coins will help you level up and help you solve cases more easily. Claim and redeem S-Chips and Stellins, which might be hard to come by at the start of your detective career. But don’t worry, because there are Tears of Themis codes you can claim to get free in-game items!

    Are you going through a difficult time with Tears of Themis? We have the guides to help you navigate through the main events and leaderboards. Try How to Explore Stellis City in Tears of Themis, How to Play Sweet Circuit in Tears of Themis, and How to Play Lucky Draw in Tears of Themis. Here at MyFullGames we have all the guides you need to help you with Tears of Themis.

    All Tears of Themis codes

    Updated December 6, 2022

    Added a new code.

    Themis Tear Codes (working)

    Here are all the working codes for Tears of Themis.

    • BENGQ2829WX—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 30k Stellin (New)
    • RSNBGR38KRDP—Redeem for S-Chips and Stellin (New)
    • HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY—Redeem for 60 S-Chips, 10k Stellins and 1 Energy Drink Starter Pack
    • TS6SZ822HLNF—Redeem for 40 S-Chips, 10k Stellins, and 10 Oracle of Justice III
    • YSNSG8J3YL53—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 1 Family Pack of Energy Drinks
    • XBNBGRK2YL57—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 20 Oracle of Justice III
    • AA7SG92KHL7T—Redeem for 40 S-Chips and 20,000 Stellin

    Themis Tear Codes (expired)

    All these Tears of Themis codes are expired.

    • XT7BY83MENTT—Redeem for 60 S-Chips
    • PANAHRJ5EYVP—Redeem for 60 S-Chips and 20k Stellin
    • RT7TZR2MEYVK—Redeem for 60 S-Chips 3 Oracle of Justice III
    • 6S7TGRKMWYCX—Redeem for 60 S-Chips and 2 Family Packs of Energy Drinks
    • DT6BGQZ7WAMX—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 6 Loaded Dice
    • FS7AGRZ6XB5T—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 5 Campus Dice
    • 9TNSGRYNETKP—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 20k Stellin
    • XS7AH8ZPFAK3—Redeem for 25 S-Chips and 15 Oracle of Justice II
    • SB6BY8Y7U4D3—Redeem for 180 S-Chis, 1 Energy Drink Family Pack, 10 Oracle of Justice III, and 10k Stellin
    • HAPPY ANNIVERSARY—Redeem for S-Chip x180
    • TOT1STANNIV7—Redeem for Limited x1, Stellin x10k and Energy Drink Basic Pack x1
    • TOT1STANNIV6Redeem it for many rewards!
    • TOT1STANNIV5Redeem it for many rewards!
    • TOT1STANNIV4Redeem it for many rewards!
    • TOT1STANNIV3Redeem it for many rewards!
    • TOT1STANNIV2Redeem it for many rewards!
    • TOT1STANNIV1—Redeem for 60 S-Chips, 50k Stellins, and 10 Oracle of Justice III
    • 9A6AHQYKQ3S7—Redeem for 30 S-Chips and 10k Stellin
    • 8B6TH9ZJQ3VB—Redeem for 30 S-Chips and 1 Family Pack of Energy Drinks
    • DAPAZ8HJ83VX—Redeem for 30 S-Chips and 10k Stellin
    • SPRING IN THE AIR—Redeem for 2x Energy Drink Family Pack, 30,000x Stellin and 80 S-chips
    • 8BNTGRS4U7ZF—Redeem for 20 Oracle of Justice III
    • BAPAH8S4V6YP—Redeem for 80 S-Chips
    • GB6BZRT4V7GK—Redeem for 30,000 Stellin

    Frequently Asked Questions about Tears of Themis, Answered

    Below is everything you need to know about Tears of Themis codes.

    How to Redeem Tears of Themis Codes

    to redeem your Tears of Themis codes is very simple. Follow our guide below.

    Screenshot from MyFullGames
    • To redeem the coveted codes above, head over to the Redemption Code Page on the Tears of Themis website.
    • Enter your login details and your character’s name will autocomplete.
    • Copy and paste the job codes above in the Redemption Code field.
    • the rewards will be sent to your in-game mail In a few minutes.

    How to get more Tears of Themis codes?

    To get the latest Tears of Themis codes from the developer hoyoverse follow them on social media pages like Twitter @TearsofThemisESFacebook page Tears of Themisand them Tears of Themis official server on Discord. We at MyFullGames keep this page up to date with the latest, so check back often to claim all the new codes.

    Why aren’t my Tears of Themis codes working?

    You could be doing several things incorrectly when trying to claim your Tears of Themis codes. Make sure your spelling and punctuation are correct when typing the code in the text box. Copy and paste the code from our list to make sure you avoid all these errors. Codes are time sensitive, so redeem them as soon as they’re released to avoid the disappointment of missing out on free rewards.

    What is Tears of Themis?

    Tears of Themis is an otome gacha game in which players take on the role of a prodigal lawyer in the fictional town of Stellis. On the one hand, you can romance four male leads, win their affection, develop your relationship, and collect romance cards that can be used in battle. On the other hand, you can solve compelling cases, participate in debates against the city’s rebels, and defend your clients in court.

    Check out our guide on Where to Get Empathy, Logic and Intuition Impression I, II, III in Tears of Themis to help you get more resources in the game. And for more Tears of Themis content, check out the MyFullGames.


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