TCG Japan: The VSNG Universe preview: Deoxys Art Rare!


    After several leaks, the best-selling setVSTAR Universe for Pokemon TCG Japan was released. VSTAR Universe, which is available in Japan and markets with the Japanese market, is the foundation for the 18th anniversary of the Spanish revolution with the release of the sword & shield era, Crown Zenith. Similar to that set previously, namely VMAX Climax andShine Star, VSTAR Universe is basically a reprint set with a large Secret Rare section of chase cards. Among those chase cards are what we thought were Alternate Art VSTARs, but which we can now now reveal entirely as a new card rarity. Pokemon TCG Japan has revealed new Art Rares and Special Art Rares that riff on Character Rares and Alternate (or Special) Arts. Art Rares are full art artworks without texture paint beautiful unique scenes using Pokemon. They’re basically Character Rare without Trainers present. Then Special Art Rares conceived the same concept and add the V or VSTAR mechanic. This set also includes special art trainers and, for the first time ever, Gold Alternate Art VSTARs. It’s possible that this is the final set with Pokemon-V and VSTARs as 2023 will see the birth of the scarlet & violet era which returns to the Pokemon mechanic. Today we see a bunch of rare paintings from the sets.

    VSTAR Universe cards are available. Credit: Pokemon TCG

    This is a very basic Art Rare card, which includes Deoxys in its normal form. These action-shaped artworks show Deoxys praising a throne of tools and tools, including a fan, bowls, a walkie talkie, a chained scroll, and more at anyone unlucky enough to fight the Mythic Pokemon. The artwork here, inspired by anime, was produced by the illustratorScav who likes many of the featured artists inVSTAR Universe, and the works are done withSword and Shield Brilliant Stars. You may know Scav’s work from the Rapid Strike Urshifu’s VMAX Character Super Rare fromSword & Shield Brilliant Stars, or perhaps some of his work on common cards with sets likePokemon GO, and Sword & Shield Lost Origin, and the latest English-language set,Sword & Shield Silver Tempest.

    Japanese sets often give us early ideas about those English-language sets, so be sure to look at our coverage. Watch out for the current version of VSTAR Universe cards and updates to all Pokemon TCG happening here at Bleeding Cool.


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