Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition - Costume Restoration Mod

Restoration of six costumes that were left unusable in the final game (Without save editing!)

Costume Restoration Mod

Several years late to the Vesperia party, and genuinely surprised no one had done this yet. This mod restores six costumes that ended up unused in the final product, by linking them to existing titles…without overwriting other costumes!

The costumes are attached to the following titles:

  • Basic Swordsman (Yuri’s “Certified Soldier” alt) (Obtained by default)
  • Skilled Swordsman (Yuri’s “Improvisionist” alt) (Obtained when Yuri reaches Level 20)
  • Healer (Estelle’s “Mysterious Maiden”) (Obtained by default)
  • Grand Mage (Rita’s “Researcher for Life”) (Obtained when Rita reaches level 20)
  • Mage (Rita’s “Researcher for Life” alt) (Obtained by Default)
  • Captain (Flynn’s towel) (Obtained by default)

(Note that the titles will *not* have the costume icon when selecting them)

How to Install

  • 1) Click this link[drive.google.com] and download “menu.svo”
  • 2) Navigate to your games local files.
    • Navigate to Tales of Vesperia in your library
    • Right click on the name
    • Click “Properties”
    • In the window that pops up, click “Local Files”
    • Click “Browse”
  • 3) Navigate into the “Data64” Folder
  • 4) Replace “menu.svo” in the folder with the “menu.svo” you just downloaded. (NOTE: It might be a good idea to make a backup of the original)

Load the game and you’re done!

Happy playing!

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition – Costume Restoration Mod that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank Dengarde. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.