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SVU Season 24, Episode 1 Recap & Spoilers


NBC’s three-part Law & Order crossover premiere occasion continues into SVU with Benson, Stabler and the squad escalating an uncommon investigation.

The following incorporates spoilers from Law & Order: SVU, Season 24, Episode 1, “Gimme Shelter — Part 2,” which debuted Thursday, Sept. 22 on NBC. This article additionally incorporates descriptions of assault.

NBC’s Law & Order crossover particular continues from its Organized Crime intro with SVU getting additional into the investigation of the extremely sophisticated homicide of a younger Ukrainian refugee by Organized Crime’s newest goal Mark Sirenko. After a profitable raid and arrest at pimp Sam Ellis’ house, Captain Olivia Benson and Detective Odafin “Fin” Tutuola interview Nicole, the lady recovered from Ellis’ home. They let her know she’s not in hassle, however Nicole’s Stockholm Syndrome kicks in huge time and says she will not rat out Sam, who “loves and protects” her. So Liv, at all times in tune with survivors, takes her to look at Detectives Jalen Shaw and Frank Cosgrove interview Sam. Liv texts Cosgrove to speak about her relationship with the 14-year-old lady however Sam denies realizing who Nicole was, as a substitute saying she’s in all probability a whore by selection. Yikes.

Nicole is devastated and struggling to know that she was exploited, however in the end agrees to testify and assist for Ava, the homicide sufferer. She tells Benson that the morning of the homicide, she and Ava had been assembly a pal of Sirenko’s — an outdated man that the squad has solely a blurry photograph of. The outdated man realized Ava had been recording him on her telephone and he went loopy. Ava took off working and Sirenko chased her. Cosgrove says Ava did not have a telephone on her, so she should’ve dropped it alongside the best way. Nicole then identifies Sirenko from a collection of images on Liv’s pill. Bingo.

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Benson, Stabler, Detective Amanda Rollins, Cosgrove Shaw and a SWAT crew head to Sirenko’s home to swarm and arrest him. They burst in however the residence is empty; Sirenko left his telephone behind to falsely lure them. Benson notices scratches on the ground and so they transfer a bookcase to discover a secret room, horror film lighting and all. Liv sees a bomb within the technique of being made. Double yikes.

Stabler says Sirenko’s not a bomber nor somebody with political or terrorist ties. The bomb squad, nevertheless, says it is undoubtedly an enormous, highly effective bomb with a number of potential for harm. They additionally discover proof {that a} absolutely constructed bomb has been faraway from the premise. Things simply leveled up huge time: there’s now a bomber on the unfastened with an unknown location and an unknown goal. It’s time for just a little wholesome panic and Benson asks the for metropolis to be shut down. Smart. Meanwhile, Stabler activates his Organized Crime cop mode and runs off to search out the bomb. On model and nice for train, however much less secure.

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Stabler, Jet and Vince meet as much as talk about a plan. Vince goes to inform Sirenko he was introduced in by cops, shaken, however that he did not inform them something. The aim is to guide the dialog with Sirenko in direction of the bomb. Stabler makes him promise to not take issues too far and to allow them to know to extract him if issues get furry. But there’s an excessive amount of of Stabler in his younger protegé. From separate autos, Stabler, Jet, Benson and Cosgrove monitor Sirenko as he meets with Vince. Sirenko directs Vince inside an deserted garment manufacturing facility — issues really feel shady. Sirenko and Vince then head all the way down to the basement ground as Jet worriedly watches Vince’s secret digital camera.

Sirenko asks precisely what the police stated and Vince replies they suppose he is concerned with Sirenko’s bomb. Sirenko will get suspicious as Vince’s questions change into increasingly direct. The digital camera sign begins to drop as Vince notices the concrete mixer and nervously says the code to be extracted. Sirenko’s goon makes a transfer to whack him and Vince runs away whereas Benson, Stabler and Cosgrove enter the constructing. Vince requires Elliot as Sirenko assaults him within the elevator. Stabler runs after his boy and hears gunshots as Sirenko runs previous him. They change hearth as Sirenko flees and Vince, badly shot, crawls out of the elevator in direction of Elliot. Stabler requires assist however it’s too late — Vince dies trying up at his mentor. Now Stabler’s even angrier than final season, so Sirenko higher be careful. Triple yikes.

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As they take away Vince’s physique, Jet tells Stabler that Sirenko escaped on foot, outrunning Benson. But Stabler is damaged up. “He was just a kid,” he murmurs. Back on the precinct, he interrogates Sirenko’s right-hand man whom they did seize, however the man legal professionals up after an hour to, as he says, “waste time.” Now Stabler’s further offended. Benson pulls him out, saying they do not have time for the fruitless interrogation. A metropolis official then is available in and yells at them for sending everybody on a wild goose chase solely to finish up with only a useless undercover. Stabler loses it and goes to hit him, however Benson holds her former associate/bestie/soulmate again and verbally berates the politician as a substitute.

Jet to the rescue, although, as she is available in with new data: they’ve a suspect and site primarily based on the driving patterns of a suspicious van. Stabler and Benson discover a man named John Kent. He says Sirenko threatened to wreck his life by setting him as much as sleep with an 18-year-old after which, afterward, instructed him the lady was 15 and that he would wreck Kent’s life. Kent complied and gave Sirenko entry to a serious constructing downtown the place he works safety. As Benson and Stabler rush off, although, viewers see Sirenko pull into the storage and set a ten-minute timer. Quadruple yikes.

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The police and bomb squad win their push to evacuate the town block because the SWAT crew swarms in. Benson and Stabler stroll right into a NATO strategic summit on Ukraine and evacuate the room, whereas Rollins leads the evacuation on one other ground. Cosgrove sees Sirenko, however Sirenko additionally sees him and runs. Cosgrove and Shaw start on the lookout for him. In the decrease storage, Shaw spies a van persistently leaking a suspicious substance: the bomb van. He breaks into it and finds the detonator displaying lower than 4 minutes left. He desires the bomb squad to stroll him by means of deactivating it, however he is ordered to go away. As they run, Cosgrove tackles Sirenko on the similar time the bomb explodes, inflicting large destruction and chaos. Sirenko escapes once more within the aftermath.

The squad followers out in quest of Sirenko. Stabler heads east with dedication (and just a little little bit of revenge) in his eyes. On the streets, it is insanity. Cosgrove figures that Sirenko will need to go underground so he orders all subway stations to be blocked off. However, Rollins sees him strolling about half a block forward of her. The cops arrange a fringe as Rollins follows cautiously. Sirenko stops all of the sudden, pulls out a gun, and takes a lady hostage. He brings his hostage right into a retailer with a number of different individuals and threatens to kill all of them if they arrive after him. Cosgrove desires to hurry him however Liv tells him to not go at this cowboy-style.

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Liv makes a name and Sirenko and his hostages reply. He calls for a bulletproof SUV in ten minutes or he’ll kill everybody, beginning with a younger lady. Liv performs her negotiator half nicely, attempting to maintain issues calm, as she organizes his SUV to purchase them time. Meanwhile, Stabler makes use of his telephone to get a glance inside — and hopefully get a transparent shot. When Sirenko flees out the again, Cosgrove tries to cease him. Sirenko throws his hostage to the bottom and actually runs into Stabler, who knocks him to the bottom. Classically unstable Stabler dares Sirenko to select up the gun so he has an excuse to kill him. But it is Cowboy Cosgrove who steps in with cause and picks up the gun himself, saving Stabler from making an enormous, large dangerous cop mistake. Sirenko is arrested and positioned right into a ready cop automotive.

It’s been an intense entrance again into the Law & Order world, and the Sirenko story wraps up — or not — within the conclusion on the unique collection. Will he be discovered responsible or will one thing intervene and set him up for Organized Crime’s new seasonal baddie? And if not, who will fill the Wheatley-sized gap? Audiences will not know with out leaping again into the present that began all of it.

New episodes of Law & Order: SVU air Thursdays at 9:00 p.m. on NBC.

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