Surprising detail in Half-Life 2 Valve shocks with simulation of gameplay



    As we mentioned earlier in the article, Half-Life II, which was released in 2004, was much darker than the product that entered the market. Recently, fans were able to find a little detail that is probably a remnant of that time. To those who suffer from the ill and disliked aspects of deceased people, please stop reading this message and watching the video.

    The model with Corpse01.mdl, a code-named model, bears the face of a real dead person. In fact, the figures seem extremely realistic in recent years. They’re from a forensic textbook. This tense detail has remained completely unknown over the decades. The gaming community just stumbled upon it by accident by posting the said images on the r/eyeblech subreddit. As it turns out, Valve only copied the right eye as the left, but the face wasn’t the same. If you’re unhappy with playing the shooter after this message, you can replace the model to a mod.



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