Surprise Starfield anime hints at mechs in the main game


    Bethesda is hoping to prove that bigger really is better with Starfield, as the space-age shooter takes to the stars later this year. As the developer behind juggernauts like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, there’s a lot of pressure for Bethesda to perform. Thankfully, Starfield looks like it has it all.

    With Starfield first being teased back in 2018, we’ve had five years to pick through the various reveals and teasers to piece together what’s on the way. Boasting everything from cats in space to sex in space, we’ve got sandwiches in space and (now) maybe even mechs in space.

    Starfield teases mechs

    As Starfield rockets toward its September 6 release, Bethesda and Microsoft are wasting no time bombarding us with marketing. Part of this includes the surprise drop of three Starfield anime episodes to expand the franchise’s lore.

    “The Settled Systems – A Starfield Animated Anthology” includes three animated shorts to tease the sci-fi RPG. One features derelict mechs that were apparently used in some sort of war. Couple this with a previous trailer snippet that also showed mechs, eager players think we’ll be suiting up in those rockin’ robots. 

    Bethesda’s Todd Howard has warned there won’t be land vehicles in Starfield, but we guess it depends on whether you count mechs as a “land vehicle.” One fan cheered, “I could totally see them having a mech enemy for us to fight, but I don’t see us piloting them or people getting in or out of them.”

    Another added, “Decrepit old hardware left to rust for 30+ years since the Colony Wars. If any of the mechs are still functional I’d bet Bethesda is saving it for the Shattered Space DLC.” Others mused that while we won’t have full-blown mechs, we could have smaller ones similar to Fallout’s Power Armour.

    Starfield already has Gundam mechs

    Similar to how The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom’s impressive Zonia building lets you make Gundam-inspired mechs, the only limit of Starfield’s impressive shipbuilder is your imagination. The Starfield Direct explained how ships are supposed to be like having “another character.” 

    Whether you want a speedy ship for bounty hunting or something beefier for hauling cargo, you can also turn them into Gundam mechs. Although it’s not quite stomping around the surface of a planet in a mech suit, you don’t know what Bethesda has hidden out there in space.

    As Howard has said there will be a lot of additional content, we’d bet mechs are being saved for a pricy DLC. Whether we’ll go full Titanfall to explore planets with mechs or not, Starfield is poised to be one of the biggest games of all time. 


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