Surman is here to give you a retro slime killing and farming fix!

    • Surmon is a new farming and fighting RPG, out now!
    • Boasting both farming, mud killing and collection features, it is a complete package.
    • Suramon is now available on Google Play, with several additional QoL features.

    Recently released, Surman is a slime farming and fighting RPG in the spirit of many retro titles from the RPG maker and its ilk. Having previously hit Steam back in March, it has now made the jump to mobile and is currently available through Google Play.

    Returning to your hometown after the death of your father, you decide to renovate the family farm. But if it seems a little too Familiar, don’t worry. Because Surmon mixes it up by adding Pokemon-like creatures or rather slimes to the collection system.

    As a Surman Scout, you are tasked with defeating the slime creatures that populate the valley in which you live. Add to your Suradex, continue managing the farm, and more importantly find out what exactly is going on with the mysterious Fuchsia Corp and what they are up to in the valley.

    Surmon boasts the usual gibbons, a one-time payment to unlock, a small file size of only 100 MB and the ability to play completely offline. You even get gamepad support! While it may not stand out from the concept alone, it’s undeniably a pretty complete package.

    All of them have to be killed.

    We’re always happy to see more indie games that we can promote here on the site. And while Suramon may not stand out (RPG Maker fans have probably seen this game a lot) it offers a lot of features and a mix of all the best things you’ve seen in other retro games. And with the number of QoL features as well as the low price of entry, it definitely offers value for money if nothing else!

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