Superman’s Sidekick Might Be Responsible for Killing a Planet


The addition of Superman’s new sidekick, Boy Thunder comes with numerous questions. There isn’t any clarification for why he hasn’t been talked about prior to now, and nonetheless no true account of what occurred to his world. However, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #8 (by Mark Weid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain, and Steve Wands) appears to indicate a darkish twist concerning the newest younger hero to affix DC’s heroic neighborhood. Memories from the day his world died trace that David really had one thing to do along with his world’s destruction.

David’s recollections apart, some characters even counsel that there’s something off about him. If this seems to be true, then it turns David from a younger man in want of steering into a possible risk that must be monitored. Accident or not, if he was by some means answerable for his world’s demise, then he might do the identical to Earth-0.

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Hints About Superman’s Sidekick and His True Nature

The first clue that one thing was off about David’s story got here from Donna Troy. While they had been coaching him, Donna took Robin apart to tell him that one thing felt off about David’s origins. It was only a hunch, however contemplating that Donna, very like Wonder Woman, is supposed to be a pillar of fact, then her estimations of somebody’s character are often fairly correct. It was definitely the primary less-than-ringing endorsement of David given so far.

Later, when below stress to save lots of the lives of minors, David recalled how his world was actually burning round him earlier than he got here to the prime Earth. More disturbingly, he remembered how he simply left folks to die, individuals who had been calling out to him for assist. This is comprehensible, he was simply an extraordinary teenager on the time, however there may need been extra occurring there than anybody realized.

Later, when Supergirl tried to assist David settle for that what occurred to his world wasn’t his fault, he did not appear to imagine her. He then flashed again to maybe the final dialog he had along with his mother and father. Rather than a tearful goodbye although, they gave the impression to be upset with him, virtually like they had been blaming him. This lends credence to the concept that David had one thing to do along with his world ending.

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What Happened on Boy Thunder’s World?

As of proper now, it has been assumed that David’s powers had been triggered by a response to the variations in his world’s solar from the DCU’s. However, recall that David’s powers, when triggered by an emotional outburst precipitated a large fireplace to unfold at an alarming pace. He did not appear to grasp what was occurring with him, however he additionally did not say this was the primary time this occurred.

The chance exists that David’s powers did manifest on his Earth, maybe to an excellent better diploma than they do right here, leading to a calamity that destroyed his world. This would make him not solely the survivor of an apocalypse however the one he precipitated. If so, then David has all of the sudden grow to be one of many single best threats to the Earth in latest reminiscence. That form of energy if not correctly contained or educated might lead to one other uncontrollable outburst. His emotional state already is not secure, if he does have this energy, then one unhealthy day is all it might take to destroy the Earth.

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