Supergirl is The Perfect Therapist For DC’s Heroes


David Sikela appears to be adapting nicely to being Superman’s new sidekick, however he is nonetheless scuffling with the grief of what he is misplaced. Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #8 (by Mark Waid, Dan Mora, Tamra Bonvillain, and Steve Wands) took the time to look at David’s trauma a bit extra completely, however within the course of, the problem revealed one thing stunning. When David expressed little concern or worth positioned on his personal life, Supergirl took the chance to speak to him about survivor’s guilt and the way she went by way of it too.

It’s an surprising, however welcome addition to Supergirl’s character. For some time now, it has felt like DC wasn’t solely certain what to do with Supergirl past her heroic id. Here although, Kara shows compassion and knowledge based mostly on her personal expertise, whereas additionally offering sound counsel for somebody in disaster. It hints that this might be how Kara finds a spot for herself on Earth past being a hero.

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How Supergirl Has Learned From Her Past

Kara took Boy Thunder apart to elucidate her origins. She advised him about how she was the one survivor of Argo City and her struggles with survivor’s guilt after making it to Earth. She related with David over how offended and self-destructive these emotions may be and provided to be there to speak if he wanted or to seek out him some professionals who might assist him cope together with his grief. For somebody her age at the moment, it was surprisingly considerate and well-articulated. If she didn’t point out getting skilled professionals, one nearly could not be blamed for believing she was one.

It is sensible although. While Supergirl shares the lack of Krypton with Superman, she nonetheless remembers their tradition as a result of she lived it. She is without doubt one of the final people within the universe with a grasp on what their society was like earlier than it fell. Coping with that loss could not be straightforward, however she has healed nicely since she arrived on Earth. This knowledge she has gained may even assist her within the current day.

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Supergirl Demonstrated Great Counseling Abilities

It’s usually very tough for Supergirl to settle right into a civilian position. She is both portrayed as a young person nonetheless grappling with issues like college and relationship points. If not, then she is portrayed as nearly a carbon copy of her cousin in his civilian life. This would not create a novel dynamic for Kara as a personality and takes away from what she has to supply the remainder of the DCU past being Supergirl. This difficulty factors out that Kara’s experiences give her a superb cause and background to discover ways to be a therapist.

This is one thing that the DCU desperately wants. After the lack of the Sanctuary a number of years again, the superhero neighborhood was left with no place to heal their emotional wounds from the lives they lead. Kara could be a really perfect therapist if she will get the right training. Her personal previous, coupled together with her alter ego imply she might relate to different heroes in methods no common therapist might. This might be precisely what Kara must lastly discover her personal place on Earth.

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