Super Sami Roll Achievements Guide

[WIP] *SPOILERS* 100% Achievement Guide for Super Sami Roll

Play The Game

The Start of a Journey

  • Enter the first stage.

That’s a Wrap!

  • See the ending cutscene.

High Flyer!

  • Clear the first stage as Vera.

Ultimate Champion

  • Clear the last stage in the Starry Hall.


Bounce jump on level 1-1 to the owl. My time was 1.41 seconds.

Super Roller!

  • Get the S rank.

Super Sami Drift!

  • Get the S+ rank.


  • Get the Maestro rank.

Boss Rush

Do all 4 Bosses.

Do all 4 Bosses as Vera.


Sweet! – Collect a Raspberry.

Expert Fruit Collector – Collect all 15 Raspberries.

  • 1-1: Hidden platform behind the owl.
  • 1-2: Take the balloon path, right of the start.
  • 1-3: Hit the third tree.
  • 1-4: Crash into the UFO (Kaneko).
  • 1-5: Hidden behind a pennant, above the second pendulum.
  • 1-6: Follow the sinking path, by the first buoy.
  • 1-7: Jump to the disappearing clouds, surrounding a tower.
  • 1-8: On top of the balloon, next to the owl.
  • 1-9: Crash into the UFO (Kaneko).
  • 1-10: Between the bumpers in front of the owl.
  • 1-11: Behind the owl.
  • 1-12: On the pillars in the middle of the second atoll.
  • 1-13: Unmissable.
  • 1-14: After the spinning coins take the bounce pad left, go to the edge with a gray mushroom and a vine will appear.
  • 2-1: Above the middle cactus, in the bunch of five, take a hit to launch yourself into it.
  • 2-2: Bounce jump in front of the first cannon.
  • 2-3: TBD
  • 2-4: After the zip-line, take the tongue jump spiked-wall path to the left.
  • 2-5: TBD
  • 2-6: TBD
  • 2-7: TBD
  • 2-8: TBD
  • 2-9: Bounce jump in front of the second cannon.
  • 2-10: Between bat bars, before the cannon segment.
  • 2-11: Hiding behind the flashing caution sign.
  • 2-12: On the flying beetle bridge, take a hit for some extra height.
  • 2-13: TBD
  • 2-14: Bounce jump above the second tree, before the first purple twisting block.
  • 3-1: Middle of the second ice ring, before the owl.
  • 3-2: Don’t take the bat bars, there is an invisible path behind the ice log caster.
  • 3-3: While riding the rainbow cube, jump to the bat wall.
  • 3-4: TBD
  • 3-5: TBD
  • 3-6: After the checkpoint, on the second rotating ice cube.
  • 3-7: Just before the checkpoint, above one of the two spinning bumpers.
  • 3-8: Collect all the coins on the nine platform section, after the bat bar.
  • 3-9: TBD
  • 3-10: TBD
  • 3-11: TBD
  • 3-12: TBD
  • 3-13: TBD
  • 3-14: TBD
  • 4-1: TBD
  • 4-2: TBD
  • 4-3: TBD
  • 4-4: TBD
  • 4-5: TBD
  • 4-6: TBD
  • 4-7: TBD
  • 4-8: TBD
  • 4-9: TBD
  • 4-10: TBD
  • 4-11: TBD
  • 4-12: TBD
  • 4-13: TBD
  • 4-14: TBD

The Golden Bird – Find a secret exit.

  • Stage: 1-4
  • “They all work hard, but just in blue you should trust.”
  • Follow the blue traffic cone, after the first boost pad.
  • Stage: 1-9
  • When the sun sinks into the sea, look up for the highest peak.”
  • Turn left after the boost ramp, take the bat bars to the peak.
  • Stage: 1-14
  • “Follow the yellow mushrooms, follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the mushrooms of yellow.”
  • After the checkpoint, turn right and bounce jump to the yellow mushroom path.

tage: 2-4

  • “When the tower and you are zip-aligned, a cloud mattress you may fall on you will find.”
  • After the first checkpoint, get on the zip-line and jump off halfway, use the tower as a mark.
  • Stage: 2-X
  • “If birds in front of a pyramid is something you see, look back, wait and rewarded you will be.”
  • TBD
  • Stage: 2-X
  • “To roll fast and teleport around is great, but after that you should return and investigate.”
  • TBD
  • Stage: 
  • “The rainbow cube spins but even when it stops, letting it go is something you should not.”
  • Stay on the rainbow cube, it’ll eventually go up to the golden owl.
  • Stage: 
  • “Near iron pendulums, when a ramp casts you into the sky, move back to reach a higher high.”
  • After the bat hoop boosted ramp, use the momentum and turn the camera 180 degrees to reach the bounce pad on the flying platform.
  • Stage: 
  • “For a ticket to this ride’s final stop, money is you’ll need to collect a lot.”
  • Stay on the scrolling platform after the owl, you’ll need about 10 seconds left on the timer. (Much easier if you restart from the checkpoint.)
  • Stage: 
  • “TBD”

  • Stage: 
  • “TBD”

  • Stage: 
  • “TBD”

A Key to Somewhere – Collect a Key.

Did Something Just Open? – Collect all Keys.

  • 1-s1: At the beginning jump backwards to the island and hit the tree, the key will fall out.
  • 1-s2: On a disappearing cloud, jump to it first to not fall.
  • 1-s3: Take the vine path to the top of the yellow mushroom, before the owl.
  • 2-s1: TBD
  • 2-s2: TBD
  • 2-s3: TBD
  • 3-s1: Above the third bounce pad.
  • 3-s2: After the check point, stay straight while going off the boost pad jump.
  • 3-s3: Take the first tornado to the flying bird path. (Or respawn at the checkpoint, and jump to the bird with the key.)
  • 4-s1: TBD
  • 4-s2: TBD
  • 4-s3: TBD


Rolling Into the Shop – Buy an Accessory.

Play a level with the following sets equipped:

My Heart Belongs to the Sea! Buccaneer HatEye PatchShiny Hook_333
The Walls are Shifting Spelunker Hat Sturdy Mattock_2_3
Somebody Call a Plumber?Red & BlueHat of HeroesMacho Mustache 441_
Praise the Son of Suns Fashionable NemesGolden BeardAncient Crook_222
You Can Count on Me  Vampire FangsVampire Cape__44
Hitting the Slopes Winter HatSnow Goggles _33_
The Black SwanBlack  Sentimental Tutu2__1
To Valhalla Viking Helmet Flaming Sword_4_4
Rainbow RiderRainbow  Rainbow Rod4__4


A Sighting – Make Kaneko crash.

  • Run into the flying saucer on stage 1-4 [Menace123]
  • Also available on 1-9

In the Nick of Time – Finish a stage with 1 second left on the timer.

  • Wait next to the owl until there’s one second left.
  • (Possibly triggerable from collecting a coin at one second)

No 1-UP? – Get 100 Chips in a single stage.

  • Not possible on all stages.
  • 1-s1: Hit several palm trees with coconuts to get coins and you should get to 100 coins at the finish line. If needed you can get about 6 coins with trees near the finish line. [Menace123]
  • 2-10: Ride a loop collecting most of the coins, there’s way more than enough.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Super Sami Roll Achievements Guide that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank ZephyrToad. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.


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