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    Oh, Subway Surfers – a game I’ve been playing casually for years (must be at least 6), but I’ve never been able to get close to “globally high score”. It could be because of the lag or my slow reaction time, but either way, I’m nowhere near either of those.

    At the moment, there are a few people who hold the impressive world record for the highest Subway Surfers score, and if you want to know a few tips on how to challenge them, I’ve done my homework and I Here to help you prepare. To set some new high scores!

    Before I dive in, I have to say that I’ve tried these techniques, they’ve helped me increase my high scores, but I’m lazy so the game still got the better of me in the end. . However, if you are out to break the current world record, you have quite a challenge ahead of you.

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    What is the current world record for Subway Surfers’ highest score?

    Currently, the highest score among Subway Surfers is 2,147,483,647, as you can see in the video below.

    To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how they got to those big scores because I can barely handle 1 million!

    How to score high in Subway Surfers?

    As you probably know by now, every time you play you start with 0 points and work your way up. Of course, you can collect and use multipliers to really increase that score, but before you start your training, make sure you follow a few tips to really warm up to the grind!

    1. Farm and upgrade boosters.

    Boosters will really help you maximize your high score, so you should try to collect as many as you can, and upgrade them every chance you get. This is a surefire way to keep you safe with minimal effort as boosters like magnets will make it much easier to earn points (by collecting coins for you).

    2. Keep a cool head

    As you progress, the levels will get faster and faster. You should always analyze your options and know which way you are going, without panicking. Nervousness is your worst enemy when you’re trying to get a high score because it will reduce your focus and that’s the last thing you want.

    3. Use two fingers to move.

    While you can casually play the game with one hand, when you’re under pressure to make discrete decisions, you want to be able to make them very quickly. With one hand you will have to move left, right, up or down, and sometimes two movements at the same time (quickly jumping left or right while in the air, switching trains).

    The best way would be to practice using both hands as this way you will have to do the least number of movements. Just give it a try It may take some getting used to, but eventually, it will pay off.

    4. Always go up.

    You’ve probably already noticed that running on top of trains is always better than squeezing down and between them. There are far fewer obstacles above the trains, but equal (if not greater) rewards. Always try to choose the least crowded option whenever you get the chance, as this will allow you to run longer, and thus earn you a higher score.

    5. Play a role you are comfortable with.

    Even though characters don’t give any special bonuses and are purely visual upgrades, believe it or not, it will be much easier to play and get high scores using a character that you really enjoy. So if you’ve ever wondered whether or not you should get skin, this will give you your answer!

    So, what’s the take?

    In summary, you probably won’t be able to score like crazy the day you start playing the game because you must upgrade the boosters. But, with lots of training, practice, and exercise, you’ll gradually be able to climb the ranks and get a Diamond High score.


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