Subnautica Fix For Missing Animations

This guide can help you increase the draw distance to fix the glitch of animation loss caused by large base (2021.10)


For in-game version 67816, if you connect too many structures as one huge base, the structures outside of the draw distance will cause the missing animations of entry and exit hatch, opening and closing the bulkhead door, and the moon pool ladder.

The player will be teleported instead of an animated transition, and the bulkhead door will open and close instantly with glitched frames.

The fix is to edit the parameters of a game file to increase the draw distance with of course a few frame drops due to more things being loaded at the same time.

Brief steps:

1. Back up the files to be edited.

2. Change the value of parameters in the file to increase the draw distance.

3. Perform in-game fix each time save loaded.

This method is considered safe as you can undo everything by paste the backup file to its original path to restore everything back to unedited.

1. Backup

Back up the three files to be edited






2. Edit parameters




These three files are preset configuration files for the in-game graphic quality settings. You can edit any file with whichever preset your want to use, you can edit all three at once.

Open the file with Sublime Text, two parameters can be found at the 14 and 15 lines.

“chunksPerSide” → horizontal draw distance

“chunksVertically” → vertical draw distance

The number after is the draw distance. The greater the number, the more to draw around the player. Edit the number so can cover the entire base to fix the animations.

The default value of the high preset is 7. It is recommended to test whether it can cover your base every time you plus it by 1, so it won’t cause too much performance loss.

After editing the file, save it and launch the game, before load your save set the graphic quality to the high, middle or low preset that you just edited, don’t use custom preset! But don’t worry you can use custom graphic later.

Then load your save and perform The In-game Fix to test if the animations start working.

Take a full-function base in the hot spring in the centre of the safe shallows as an example. The base length is about 3 lengths of the Cyclops. The animation not working after loaded the save. Changing “chunksPerSide” value to 8 solves the problem.

3. In-game Fix

Every time you start the game and loaded save, the animation usually does not appear immediately, because the entire base has not been fully loaded yet.

You need to go to the sweet spot to fix the animation.

When you are at the sweet spot, the entire base will be loaded instantly, and there will be a short period of game freeze (time depends on the hardware), which means that the base is fully loaded and the animation is fixed.

You need to find this sweet spot by yourself, but the spot is permanent, so every time you loaded your save, you just need to come to this sweet spot to fix the animation.

To find this sweet spot, wandering around your base, either walk in the base or swimming around, Recommend approaching the centre of your base, and try to make yourself located slightly higher above the base.

After reconstruction of the base, the sweet spot will change, usually near the previous location.

If the animation didn’t get fixed, quit and continue to edit parameters to increase the draw distance.

If you not worrying about the performance issue, or just want to test if this method will work, set the parameter value a lot higher like 13 to fix the animation instantly.

4. Rusult

When the animation reappears successfully after loaded your save, you can immediately make changes to the graphic setting to set it to customize. No matter how you quit, save and load, the fix is still there, you just have to perform The In-game Fix every time.

The fix works best for larger bases, losing a few frames for a more immersive experience. But if the base is massively huge, you will have to set the parameter too high and causing performance issues.

You can undo everything by paste the backup file to its original path to restore everything back to unedited.

This is it guys!! I am sure that you will love Subnautica Fix For Missing animations that we have shared with you. We are always open to discussion and suggestions from you. Just let us what you thought about the guide in the comment section.

Also, we would like to thank True_BRS. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.