Strongman Smash codes (August 2023)


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    Strongman Smash is a super fun and popular Roblox game where you need to keep smashing items to keep gaining strength and becoming a true strongman. Luckily, you can use Strongman Smash codes to make these even easier in the game

    Let’s get into not just the latest list of Strongman Smash codes, but also how to redeem those free rewards. 

    August 2 2023:
    We checked for any new active or expired codes for Strongman Smash. Check out the full list below.

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    Strongman Smash codes (August 2023)

    The featured strongman in Strongman Smash

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    Strongman Smash has three main objectives: smash items to acquire energy, use that energy to gain strength in the gym, and use that new strength to access new areas by destroying the gate. With Strongman Smash codes, you can get free rewards to speed things up. 

    With bonuses like Double Smash Speed, you’ll be able to gain Strength much faster and destroy the gate in far less time.

    Below, please find the latest list of Strongman Smash codes you can redeem right now. 



    smash2500 Redeem this code to get a boost in-game (NEW!)
    smash500 Redeem this code to get 10 minutes of Double Smash Speed

    Strongman Smash expired codes (August 2023)

    While there are currently no expired Strongman Smash codes, be sure to check back regularly, as we’ll inform you of any changes to the active list as they occur.

    How to redeem Strongman Smash codes

    The Strongman Smash Roblox cover with the strongman and another character

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    In order to redeem your codes, you’ll need to follow this step-by-step process:

    • Launch Strongman Smash
    • Select the Twitter button on the side of the screen
    • Enter code
    • Select “Use
    • If successful, you should receive your rewards right away. 

    That’s everything you need to know about the latest Roblox Strongman Smash codes and how to redeem them. Be sure to check back regularly for new codes from the next update. For even more Roblox code guides, you can be sure to find them right here at GGRecon. 


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