Modders are creating some fairly cute Stray mods now that the game is lastly right here. If you’ve got ever needed to swap the cute kitty for a cute doggo, there is a mod for that, and you may additionally discover mods for piratical eyepatches, customized kitty fur patterns, and, after all, horrifying abominations.

What type of Stray mods are customers creating?

Long-awaited kitty journey game Stray is lastly upon us, and it is confirmed immensely standard. Players are citing the cuteness of Stray‘s central topic, who’s based mostly on an actual cat, in addition to the game’s robust ambiance and compelling story as causes for loving it. As you may anticipate, although, modders have their very own concepts of what they wish to see in the game, and they also’re creating some fairly spectacular Stray mods, including in every thing from doggo protagonists to long-limbed monstrosities proper out of a David Cronenberg film.

Naturally, there is a Stray mod that allows you to play as a doggo.

Perhaps the apparent place to start out is Chris Rubino’s Happy Puppy mod, which helps you to discover Stray‘s cyberpunk metropolis as a pupper. If you favor to maintain issues feline, you may discover numerous mods that change the central cat character’s coloration and markings; there are mods for black cats, tuxies, and Siamese friends, and you may additionally discover mods that add an eyepatch or a newsboy cap to your cute kitty. Adorably, modders are additionally modding in their own cats, in addition to pets that different customers have requestedStray‘s cat protagonist is unnamed and of indeterminate gender, so it is fairly straightforward to see why modders and gamers wish to play by means of the journey as their very own little buddies.

Of course, it would not be a Stray mod roundup with out a nod to a few of the extra horrifying makeovers you can provide to Stray‘s feline hero. Special point out goes to this nightmare, created by modder sir_galahad172, that transforms the unnamed cat right into a horrifying atrocity bearing the face of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas protagonist CJ. Shudder. There are additionally a few mods changing the cute meow button with soundbites from Heavy Rain and, considerably bizarrely, clips from the Family Guy parody of Maroon 5’s “Memories”. Right. Obviously, there’s additionally a mod to play as Garfield. Just ensure you do not hearth the game up on Mondays, or it can instantly shut itself off. Probably.

What is Stray?

Stray is a cyberpunk action-adventure game developed by BlueTwelve Studio and printed by Annapurna Interactive. It stars an unnamed cat who should navigate a metropolis crammed with robotic inhabitants to be able to unravel the thriller at its heart (and everyone knows how a lot cats wish to unravel issues). This being a game the place you play as a cat, there are, after all, buttons to meow, rub round individuals’s legs, and fall asleep; in reality, there is a trophy for sleeping for an hour, which does not sound like anyplace close to sufficient for all of the cats I do know.

Adorable feline journey Stray has captured the hearts of avid gamers around the globe.

You can undertake Stray proper now on PC and PlayStation consoles. If you determine to play on console, you may additionally have the ability to play Stray for those who join the PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tiers. Given that BlueTwelve’s cute cat game is now the highest-rated game launched in 2022 on Steam, you are in good firm for those who do test it out. Make certain you check out our Stray information hub for those who’re presently enjoying by means of the game, as there are fairly a couple of difficult little collectibles that you just may not spot on a primary playthrough.

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