Play by way of Annapurna Interactive’s Stray as CJ from GTA: San Andreas on this terrifying mod.

Stray hasn’t even been out for a full week and but house owners of the game on PC have already begun to mod the game, which has had some terrifying outcomes. Modder Sirgalahad172 has created a mod for Stray that means that you can change from the lovely cat protagonist to a contorted CJ from GTA: San Andreas.

The mod, merely titled “Joke Mod CJ”, is totally terrifying.

Game Developer and YouTuber Griff Griffin, captured footage of the mod in motion, exhibiting CJ’s physique contorted to suit that of the cat mannequin. The game, which sees you platforming round a cyberpunk setting, is weird to observe with CJ as a substitute of the standard cute cat protagonist. Watching as he leaps by way of the streets, escaping the Zurg together with his large head makes the game really feel much more dystopian than it already is.

Though it’s hilarious to see CJ meow, by way of the press of Stray’s devoted meow button.

“This mod is intended as a joke as cj needs to be modded in any game that exists”, Sirgalahad172 states on the mod page.

The modder isn’t simply set on making mods that’ll doubtless give us nightmares, however they’ve additionally created healthful mods that help you play by way of the game with little glasses, an eyepatch or a newsboy cap to your cat.

They’re additionally creating mod requests so you possibly can play by way of Stray as an entire myriad of cats, in all totally different styles and sizes. Something that I want was an choice inside the game formally.

Real-life cats react to Stray and the web loves it

You can play as Garfield too.

Sirgalahad172 isn’t the one one who has created extraordinary mods for Annapurna Interactive’s Stray. Modder crubino, has created a mod the place you possibly can play as everybody’s favorite lasagne-loving cat, Garfield.

The mod, which appears carefully like Garfield from the live-action motion pictures, is hilarious to witness. Especially together with his seen sunken eyes. Garfield doesn’t notably seem like he’d benefit from the setting of Stray, which sees you befriending robots and working from unusual alien creatures. His addition as a mod, nonetheless, is hilarious and makes me enthusiastic about what licensed characters we’ll see modded into the game subsequent.

With this many Stray mods out there solely per week since its launch, we are able to positively anticipate extra sooner or later. I can’t wait to see what future mods terrify or amuse me subsequent.

Featured Image Credit:  Annapurna Interactive. Source: Kotaku.

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