Stray Cat Falling Soika is a very low density part of the game.

    • Stray Cat Falling is a new suika game out now for Android and iOS.
    • It features physics-driven, blob-like cats and object-strewn levels.
    • The recent release of the game of the same name brought popularity to the Suikas style of games.

    Be it MMORPGs, shooters, RPGs or strategy games, the humble cat has somehow wormed its way into them all. But if you want to see where these feline companions pop up next, you might be surprised to see these random blobs of fur falling into a puzzle jar with today’s game, Stray Cat Falling. .

    Although far from the first to use the common format, the Suika game is reportedly the title that coded it. Simply put, it resembles a Tetris or Match 3 puzzle game. Your goal is to drop objects of the same color on top of each other, allowing them to combine into larger (and thus more valuable) objects.

    By building cascades you are able to score more points with less effort, all while preventing your items from flowing away.

    But Stray Cats Falling takes the extra step that most Suika game clones don’t, by actually refining and changing the game’s formula. One is the fact that you’re releasing cats, but more importantly, the physics are more considered because each level has additional obstacles to overcome in order to catch your spontaneous, physics-based cats. There is a risk of


    Stray Cat Falling came to our attention recently and was an instant hit with the team just from the concept. However, as far as we know it is currently only available in its native Japan and the US. So keep that in mind if you want to try it.

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