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    Strange Stone Chronicle is a Genshin Impact World Quest that can be accepted in Merusea Village. In this quest, you must help a little Melusine named Puca find a use for Strange Ore mined from “A Very Bright Place.” By completing this, you can claim Fontaine Reputation rewards and get a Strange Part and an Achievement.

    How to unlock the Strange Stone Chronicle World Quest in Genshin Impact

    To unlock this World Quest, you must first complete all three parts of the Ancient Colors quest chain, in this exact order:

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    When you’re done with all the prerequisites, head to the exact location circled in the image above, north of “A Very Bright Place.” The blue exclamation mark will only appear when you get close, so don’t worry if you don’t see it right away. Once you’re in the area, speak to Puca to initiate the World Quest.

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    How to complete the Strange Stone Chronicle World Quest in Genshin Impact

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    After accepting the Strange Stone Chronicle World Quest from Puca, follow the quest navigator to the south of “A Very Bright Place” to find a glowing investigate spot. Interact with the glowing spot to pick up Puca’s Token. You don’t need to defeat the Breacher Primuses.

    Next, you must return to Puca, who has changed locations. Head to Merusea Village and follow the navigator to the water behind Verenata. Dive down to enter the underwater version of the village, where you’ll find Puca. Speak to her to push the story forward.

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    Follow the quest navigator to the Court of Fontaine to find the Gem Merchant named Chesil. I recommend using the Teleport Waypoint by the Hotel Debord to easily get to him. After speaking to Chesil, return to Puca in the underwater Merusea Village.

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    Puca will instruct you to head to a specific location in “A Very Bright Place” to harvest ores. When you’re there, you’ll find the same Prism and ore puzzles that you solved in the Ancient Colors quest chain.

    Use a Normal Attack on the Prism to release a blade in the direction of the stone-covered ores to reveal glowing spots. Dig into the glowing spots to obtain Strange Ores. There are three glowing spots in total. When you’re done, return to Chesil in the Court of Fontaine and give him the ores, completing the first part of the World Quest.

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    Next, change the in-game time to two real-time days or more later. Once that’s done, speak to Chesil in the Court of Fontaine to obtain a clock produced using the Strange Ore. Then, return to Puca in the underwater Merusea Village to complete the World Quest. You’ll get a Strange Part and the Wonders of the World Achievement called “Birth of the Modern Clock.”

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