Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life Custom Crops, Explanation, and Full List


    A farming sim wouldn’t be much of a farming sim without crops, so of course SOS: A Wonderful Life has sacks full of them. But what I think sets the game apart from some of its competitors is the depth with which you can cross them into interesting alternatives. Combining two crops can create a range of over 30 hybrid crops, but then combining those hybrids with other hybrids can create custom crops. If this is a route you’re headed down, read on for an explanation of custom crops in this Story of Seasons A Wonderful Life guide, along with my full list of custom crops.

    Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life – Custom Grow Guide

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    If you’re already familiar with hybrid crops, then you’ve already met Vinne (pictured). But, you will find Vinnie in the corner of Takakura’s house. You will be invited there at the beginning of Year 2 and continued chatting with Vinne to gain his friendship will result in him asking if you want to mix seeds with him. If he does, hybrid crops will sometimes be created. Once you have some hybrid seeds, you can also have Vinnie mix two of them together to try and create a custom grow..

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    Unlike normal and hybrid crops, Custom crops have a number instead of a name. You can give them names if you want and we have given them a descriptive name below next to the number. Note that unlike hybrid crops, each custom Crop can have multiple combinations that create the same crop.

    Story Of Seasons A Wonderful Life – Custom Crop List

    Since there are so many potential hybrid seed combinations, I cannot be sure that this is an exhaustive list of combinations. Let us know in the comments below if you find any that I haven’t found yet, or if an update changes these combinations. Also, keep in mind that while Vinnie will give you a little animated prompt when you try these mixes with him for the first time. you are not guaranteed to actually get a custom seed. However, getting the animation lets you know it works, so keep testing the mix until you get the seeds you need.

    Number Description combinations Season Other parenting details
    1 green pear Strawberry + Waturnipe
    Caramel + Caramel
    Waturnipe + Melomelo
    2 pumpkin green Strawberry + Mellotome
    Berrymelo + Greetoma
    3 Peanut Greetoma + Melotoma
    Greetoma + Tocarro
    Greetoma + Berritoma
    Greetoma + Turnmato
    4 Eggplant Greetoma + Melomelo
    Greetoma + Melodulce
    Greetoma + Pomato
    Greetoma + Potamelo
    Greetoma + Wattato
    5 yellow pea pod Turmelon + Camel Fall
    6 white carrot Tocarro + Pocaro
    camelo + pocaro
    Pocoro + Sarrot
    Pocoro + Carromel
    Pocoro + Carberry
    7 pumpkin green Sweetturn + Sarrot
    Berrytoma + Pocaro
    8 white root Sarrot + Tocarro
    Sarrot + Camel
    Sarrot + Carberry
    Sarrot + Carromelo
    9 long potato Pototo + Wattato
    Potato + Potamelo
    Potato + Pomate
    Pototo + Poberryto
    10 purple bell Berrymelo + Turnberry
    Greetoma + Strawmelo
    eleven striped maraca Turnmelon + Turnberry
    Potato + Sarrot
    12 orange disc Turnmelon + Carberry
    Turnmelon + Sarrot
    13 pink whistle Caramel + Camel
    Caramel + Carberry
    14 Head of garlic Sweetturn + Pocaró
    Sweetmel + Greetoma
    fifteen onion bulb Sweetmel + Potamelo Spring
    sixteen white potato Melodulce + Sweetmelo
    Sweetoma + Sweetmel
    Sweetoma + Strawsweet
    17 white pumpkin Sweetturn + Caroturn Winter
    18 red bulb Mellotome + Turnberry
    Mellotome + Carberry
    19 blue bulb Melomelo + Turnberry
    Melomelo + Carberry
    twenty yellow bulb Berrymelo + Carberry Fall
    twenty-one pink bulb Berrymelo + Turnmelon
    Berrymelo + Camelo
    22 Radish Poturnip + Sweetturn
    Pototo + Mellotoma
    23 Ginger Turnmelon + Melodulce
    Melotome + Sweeturm
    Summer Race 6PM to 6AM
    24 yellow ginger Turnmelon + Melodulce
    Melotoma + Sweeturm
    Summer Race 6AM to 6PM
    25 Ocarina Berrytoma + Caroturn
    Greetoma + Sweetturn
    26 Blueberry Pomato + Sarrot Winter
    27 Sweet Poberryto + Poturnip
    Berrymelo + Poturnip
    28 star cookie Sweetoma + Sweetturn
    Melomelo + Tocarro
    29 Donut Sweet Peach + Potato
    Turnmelon + Potato
    30 Teacup Turnmato + Sarrot Winter
    31 Kettle Berrytoma + Strawsweet Winter
    32 disco ball Turnberry + Potamelo
    Mellotoma + Waturnip
    Spring Summer
    33 Flashlight Melodulce + Poturnip
    Melotoma + Berrymelo
    Autumn Winter
    3. 4 Soccer ball Tocarro + Turnberry
    Pocoro + Strawsweet
    Spring Summer
    35 Basketball Turnberry + Sarrot Summer-Fall
    36 Football Strawberry + Potamelo
    Berrymelo + Potamelo
    Autumn Winter
    37 pumpkin green Watato + Turnmelon Winter Break
    38 Artichoke Camel + Sweet Peach Summer-Fall

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