Stormworks: Build and Rescue How to Make a working Modular Engine

First, create a new vehicle.

It’s recomended to build engines with 2 or more Cylinders for great power. 1 cylinder engines are better for small RC cars.

In the builder put 2 Crankshafts with the circle part facing the other Crankshaft.

In the end opposite to the bock put an Engine Drive Belt and attach 1 Engine Starter to one of the SIDES and an Alternator to the other side (make sure they are in the correct position).

In the top part of the crankshaft add 2 Cylinders (if you want an IL2).

Make your block the back and the Drive Belt the front, in the right side, put an Air Manifold connected to one of the Cylinders facing up and then an Air Ram (air scoops will make engines unefficient) on top of it. Also, in the right side put and Fuel Manifold connected to one of the cylinders, but this time, facing down, then, connect it with pipes to a Fluid Tank (its contents should be “diesel”).

On the left side, put 2 Exhaust Manifolds (Corner) and connect both to a Fluid Exhaust with pipes.

Back to the right side, there SHOULD be a little space under the Air Manifold, so, put a Temperature Sensor connected to the Crankshaft.

On the back, you should have space on the back of the cylinder, and so, you are going to put a Coolant Manifold, you should have the ends facing sideways. Connect the ends to a Radiator using pipes, use at least 1 pump for the engine to not overheat after a little bit of time driving.

Now, replace the block on the back by a Modular Engine Clutch.

To give power to your engine you will need some sort of throttle, a manual one or the seat, its up to you, make a function block and right the function-> x/2.1 connect the throttle to the Air Manifold and to the function block, the output should go to the Fuel Manifold.

NOW give it electricity, put some wheels or props, set throttle to 1 and have fun, hope this is helpful.

If this doesn’t work please contact me via Steam or if you aren’t confortable asking it here send message to: Cactus (⌐■_■)#3362 in Discord. 😀

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Also, we would like to thank Cactus. He is the one behind this wonderful guide.