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Stoneshard Game guide

Do you remember this place, my friend? And I remember how we all went here …

The first one who left was the one who loved to play … with death …? Do you remember? … So it was Lock … It’s a pity, He didn’t beat her this time … The

second wanted to tell everyone about his fate, well … what’s his name …. Oo …. Berry? Hmm … so you remember how he died from a trap … And his read tract stolen from the guardian about pyromancy? Well done, since the little head starts to hurt and you remember, I will continue … And your remaining friends in the cages? That’s right …. The Archon didn’t want to let them go alive, but you took his life and SHARD, But what’s wrong? Ahhh … yes, you are just now starting to remember everything … Well, I have little time, you will find me as you remember everything.

Hero Pick ✓

Yorgrim, the Marauder

Stoneshard Game guide

Addictions: Axes, Swords, Maces, Shields

Unique Trait: Berserker Rampage (each kill increases damage and critical hit by 10 turns)


Not so long ago, the inhabitants of Aldor froze in horror, barely hearing the name of Thur the One-Eyed, the legendary leader of the Fjallian bandits. Tyr’s squad earned notoriety for their daring forays into the Northern Frontiers – even heavily armed feudal squads suffered defeat after defeat from the fierce dwarves. One of them was Yorgrim – the best warrior in the squad, who never lost a single duel.

However, the further, the more often Tyr One-Eyed committed such atrocities in the captured settlements that even many dwarves felt uncomfortable. Yorgrim especially despised this senseless fanaticism: he always believed that cruelty towards the weak and defenseless was unworthy of a real warrior.

It is not known when and how Tyr crossed the fatal line, but one day Yorgrim’s patience snapped – and a long list of his trophies was replenished with the scalp of his former leader. Left without a leader, the dwarves scattered in all directions: some returned to Fjall, and some – like Yorgrim – decided to go south and try their luck in mercenary activities.

Arna, Virgo Knight

Stoneshard Game guide

Addictions: Swords, Maces, Two-Handed Swords, Shields

Unique Trait: Vow of Feat (every enemy in sight reduces cooldowns and skill costs)


Few bloodlines in Aldor can boast a history as long as the house of the der Virns. According to the law, the title of knight along with the inheritance can only be transferred to a man – therefore it is not difficult to imagine the grief of Arna’s father, when, after so many years of fruitless attempts, the long-awaited heir turned out to be a daughter.

To save the family, Arna’s father resorted to the half-forgotten custom of the Northern Foothills: Arna was raised as a boy. All her childhood and adolescence were spent first in endless training, and then in the service of a page in one of the noble families. Having reached adulthood, Arna was knighted and earned the fame of a skilled warrior in several tournaments.

Alas, Arna was never able to learn a skill that was absolutely irreplaceable for the Aldor nobility: weaving intrigue. Soon after the death of her father, Arn, due to the machinations of ill-wishers, lost her title, inheritance, and inheritance – the der Virnov clan ceased to exist. The shocked Arna took an oath to atone for this dishonor with a great feat and set off on an endless journey through the lands of Aldor.

Dirvin, Forester

(PERSONALLY MY CHOICE FALLED ON HIM) Inclination: Shooting, Maces, Axes, Daggers, Unique Trait: A Sharp Eye (every square of distance to the enemy increases the chance of a critical hit ) Background: Dirvin faithfully served the deceased king all his life, tirelessly patrolling his hunting grounds majesties. He shot accurately, he knew the forest paths like the back of his hand, and few of the poachers, orcs or forest monsters experienced a meeting with the king’s marksman. During the years of service, Dirvin made many notches on his bow, saving the local forests from countless dangers. When King Etbert died, the Royal Archers refused to participate in the fratricidal war and obey the orders of the Council. As punishment, the unit was disbanded, and Dirvin, taking his weapon, went back to the woods.

Stoneshard Game guide

Throughout the war, he hunted exactly the same thing as always – fulfilling contracts, hunting dangerous monsters and helping the peasants. Among the common people, he is known as a loyal defender.

Yonna, the Fugitive Enchantress

Stoneshard Game guide

Propensities: Staves, Daggers, Geomancy, Pyromancy

Unique Trait: Magical erudition (each spell learned increases the power of magic)


Since ancient times, it was believed in Aldor that women and magic are a bad combination and do not bode well. The lecturers of the Academy fully shared this prejudice, and therefore women were reluctantly accepted into the ranks of future magicians – however, Yonna’s sorcerous talent was so undeniable that an exception was made for her.

After a brilliantly completed training, Yonna moved to court sorceress to one of the Aldor feudal lords. Alas, her lord’s temper turned out to be very bad – but Yonna herself did not give anyone a descent. When one morning the servants first discovered the charred body of their master, and then the sudden disappearance of the sorceress, it was a simple matter to compare these two events.

If not for the sudden outbreak of war, Yonne would have probably been caught and sent to the stake, but in the chaos of Discord she managed to get lost, joining one of the mercenary squads.

Game Features ✓

I’ll write  away that this game does not have a ‘Save game’ button.  You can save the game only in hotels and camps.  with an interactive bed. This camp is marked on the map with a bonfire. The same is withdrawn for X amount from the owner of the tavern for 5-10 coins per day. In addition to saving the game, you need to remember about such characteristics as: Water It is replenished in the wells of cities, it is also poured into vessels for water and Walks with you: 3 also do not forget about food.

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Originally posted by Selma :

Eating lentils can help maintain mental health.

Stoneshard Game guide

Do not forget to also keep an eye on your health bar if you cannot restore your health to the maximum back, because the bar looks closed to a certain level when you have one or more damaged body parts that need to be treated with balms, leeches or other medicinal objects.

Stoneshard Game guide

I will tell you more about the provision of medical care in a separate section. Ah … Yes, I forgot to talk about such an item as a map.This

Stoneshard Game guide

is your most important weapon for the first couple of weeks … Well, or for the whole game: 3

It should always be in your bag, in a conspicuous place, it does not show where it is in this place, our character stands, but with the help of certain parts of the world (paths, forests and fields), you can perfectly understand where the character is … but if for some reason you lost her … can buy it You can easily buy it for 10-20 coins from the elders in the cities: P I will also personally tell you the secret that traveling across the borders of the screen is very safe. 

Some Information (Morale)


Has 3 grades:

First degree

25%: Light hunger

Energy recovery: -1%

Energy: -16

Second degree

50%: Hunger

Morale change: -0.05%

Energy recovery: -3% Strength: -1 Energy: -28

Third degree

75%: hunger Morale

change: -0.1%

Energy recovery: -9%

Strength: -2

Energy: -65

Near death: every few turns the character’s maximum health decreases.

Hint: Hunger increases after a large number of turns (from 125 to 250 turns)


Water also has 3 grades:

First degree

25%: slight dehydration

Skill energy cost: + 10%

Magic power: -10%

Spell energy cost: + 10%

Second degree

50%: dehydration

Skill energy cost: + 20%

Morale change

Perception : -0.05% Perception: -1.20

Magical Power: -25%

Spell Energy Cost: + 20%

Third Degree

75%: Deadly Dehydration

Skill Energy Cost: + 40%

Morale Change: -0.1%

Perception: -3

Magical Power: -50%

Cost of spell energy: + 40%

Near death: every few turns, the character’s maximum health decreases.

Hint: Thirst increases by 1 approximately every 40 turns.


But toxicity already has 4 degrees: 3

First degree

Low toxicity: -2 Strength and -2 Perception

Second degree

Medium toxicity: -4 willpower, -4 dexterity, -4 strength, -4 perception and -4 intelligence

Third degree

Severe toxicity : -5 Willpower, -5 Agility, -5 Strength, -5 Perception, -5 Intelligence “You lose control” and “Potential nausea”

Fourth degree

Deadly toxicity: -6 Willpower, -6 Agility, -6 Strength, – 6 Perception, -6 Intelligence “You are losing control” and “Possible nausea or coma” You can

remove toxicity: Wine (PHOTO) Bloody lancet (PHOTO)

And of course my favorite at the end


Three degrees of pain:

First degree

25%: pain

Chance of failure: + 7.5%

Healing effectiveness: -15%

Damage received: + 10%

Second degree

50%: Severe pain

Willpower: -3.5%

Chance of failure: + 15 % Healing

efficiency: -30%

Sanity change: -0.05%

Damage received: + 20%

Third degree

75%: Pain Shock

Willpower: -8.8%

Chance of failure: + 33%

Healing efficiency: -60%

Sanity change: – 0.10%

Damage taken: + 30%

Stumbling block: chance to climb a random cell while moving.

Near death: every few turns, the character’s maximum health decreases.


Now let’s move on to why pain is my favorite characteristic


Morale is the spirit of the character, responsible for the readiness to withstand all dangers. (WIKIPEDIA LOL)

Critical hitting or killing an enemy can boost your character’s morale. Hunger, thirst, injury and poor health can cause a character to lose resolve.

Reason is an indicator of how adequately a character perceives the world.

In the case of Reason, head injuries, severe pain and high toxicity can detrimentally reduce it. Increasing it is much more difficult … (I do not know yet, but I think it is possible) A high moral score + a low sanity parameter leads to :

Stoneshard Game guide

This combination provides conditions that are generally more harmful, but in some cases can be perceived as powerful bonuses.

Sadism Critical

Chance + 15%

Critical Damage + 30%

Drain Life + 25%

Drain Energy + 25%

Health Regeneration -35%

Energy Regeneration -35%

Activation chance increases when you hit (especially powerful) and kill enemies.


Crit Efficiency + 30% Crit

Chance + 15%

Pain Resist + 50%

Damage Received + 30%

In melee combat, the character can have a chance to use the Streak of Strikes skill when attacking (even if it has not been learned)

requires active Masochism / Megalomania


Skill cost -10.7%

Damage Reflection 20%

Pain Limit +20 Pain

Resistance -20%

Spell Costs -10.7%

Damage Received + 20%

The higher the level of pain, the less energy is spent on skills.

Pain restores energy at the end of the turn.

the activation chance grows depending on how low your health level is and how high your pain level is.


-20% experience gain

falsely increases your stats and the amount of damage (they are actually the same as before) hides all debuffs – because your character has megalomania.

Activated if you kill without taking damage

High morale + high sanity to:


Fortitude + 15%

Morale Change + 0.01% Psychic Resistance + 15%

Experience Gained + 5%

Heroism Counter Strike

Stoneshard Game guide

Chance + 15%

Weapon Damage + 15%

Magic Power + 15%

Damage Received -10%

Second Wind

Stoneshard Game guide

Fortitude + 50%

Regen Energy + 100%

Eff .Healing 100%

HP and MP Refills

Negative effects are temporarily reset

Low morale + low sanity leads to:


panic attacks (EFFECT NOT KNOWN TO ME)


Low morale + high sanity results in:


Will -10%

Fortitude -30%

Health threshold -10%

Pain resistance -25%

Sanity change -0.05 per act symptom


Fortitude -10%

Will -0.08%

Chance of failure + 5%

Sanity change -0.01%

Experience gained -5%


Fortitude -20%

Will – 2

Resistance to psionics – 30%

Chance of failure + 10%

Change of sanity -0.02%

Requires presence of Apathy


Fortitude -30%

Will -3

Chance of failure + 15%

Change of sanity -0.03%

Received damage + 10% Visibility


Requires anxiety

Herbs (

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

There should be a text Text with 2 lines for alignment, possibly 3 pages Text for alignment Text for alignment Text about nettles AND PLANKS for alignment

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Campfire cooking

To begin with, the first thing you need to do is find a fire or stove. One of the most popular stoves is at the Osbrook Tavern. You need to click on it and select the raw food cooking option. This is literally everything you need to prepare food in the game.

Stoneshard Game guide


Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

__ —

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Troll (✓)

Recently, an update was released Trollslayer in which we added a big and scary troll, let’s still find out what he is.

Stoneshard Game guide

This ‘death’ machine is located at the signal tower, do not write off there immediately tearing claws.

Let’s go with his ability according to their sequence:

Stoneshard Game guide

The most disgusting skill in my opinion because:

1. Attack type: In the area of ​​3×3 cells

(here you can use defensive stances or, like me, the hp potion, if you hit the center of the throw)

2. Try to hold on as close to the boss as possible, because the further you move away from the boss, the more damage from the stone (by 10% for each cell). 

Stoneshard Game guide

When the Troll uses this skill, he cannot walk and attack, it is very easy  knock down this action  , we use a normal attack, even with a hand you can knock down: 3. The troll starts using this skill as soon as health drops below 76-74%, and then until the end of the battle. I advise you to sometimes open his panel to watch when he will use it. It is also worth remembering that the next 2 hits give him damage in the amount of 200%.

Stoneshard Game guide

Attack type: single target

An ordinary blow that deals 100% damage and + 250% to the chance of knocking back (It can also provoke bleeding).

In my case, I rarely fell under such blows. 

Stoneshard Game guide

Attack type: no target

Emits a roar / scream that deals 5 psionic damage to everyone in the area around (Even if you leave him). Also, with a 100% chance, it stuns  or dazes the target  for 1-3 turns. With a 25% chance the player will drop the weapon of both hands play as a mage dropped a couple of times only …

Stoneshard Game guide

Attack: by region in the form of a triangle

Nanosut 45 units Mace as a 150% chance to knock back 

very easy to dodge this attack, it does not present any special problems.

How do you kill him?

I’ll tell you on the example mage first thing to do is to get the bonus optimism because it gives us such as the bun Resistance + 15% / + 15% Sopr.psionike Vivacity due to its 12 energy and regeneration of energy at a rate of + 2.5% It was also it would be correct to feed and water the character, preferably in the city, in order to leave X the number of free cells. According to the Bonus, I did not take anything with me anymore: 3 Let’s move on to things and items that should be taken with us:  Shina: Heals injuries +35 (Took 3 things) Leeches: Almost the same as the tire only for 30 moves (4 things) Healing ointment: healing injuries +15 / Health reg. 2% (3 things) Life-giving essence:

Stoneshard Game guide

Health restoration + 35% (12 pieces)

Bandage: to stop the blood (3 pieces)

Anesthesia Potion: to relieve pain (1 piece)

Surgical kit: to quickly operate on the body in dangerous situations (1 piece)

Then I used the skills to set fire to my favorite ones, namely:

Fire volley due to its 50% damage to burning targets.

Burning: for rolling back a branch of fire by 1 turn.

Incinerate: For its increased spell damage by 30%.

Give way !: for his quick dash: 3

Seize Initiativefor an increase in stat, they will dodge 5% / -10% to the time of restoration of abilities and of course to the enemy + 10% to the time of restoration of abilities.

How I killed a troll. 

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Reward for killing a troll

Upon returning for our award, we are presented with a choice of 5 options. The first option: they give 2000 kroons … in my opinion it is not worth it. The second option: is the choice of a one-handed weapon. Was there such a brew, an accident before? or will we have elves? My choice would have fallen on the blade if I hadn’t played as a magician … just mmm … Option 3 / Option 4 represent bludgeoning weapons and bow 1 2 Option 5 : I won’t say anything here … Unique only helmet …

Stoneshard Game guide

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Dungeons (Long Box)

Dungeons blah blah blah: 3 At the moment there are only 4 types of dungeons in the game. 

Namely: crypts (with skeletons) Crypts (with “vampires”)  and “Catacombs” …

Let’s start with the Crypt (with skeletons)

In my opinion, the most valuable and possibly random …

Because there are 2 types of sarcophagi (ordinary and premature) I

will tell you about the usual at the end: 3, now we will look at this sarcophagus, when you open it, you can meet a “ guard ”, namely The death of a guest from the underworld. Do not be afraid of him, he is not fatal …, of course, if you are not dying and you have no weapons:.

When you successfully finish off the “ guardian ” of treasures, perhaps fate will smile at you + 1100 gold coins in your pocket.

Do not forget that this game loves to play pranks with you and your nerves and such a rider (_! _) may fall out, which we will get in the end no more than +200 coins.

Ordinary sarcophagi can also delight us with little things ^ _ ^ even sometimes with a “ treadmill ”

Yes, I agree that this is not much, but if this necklace is determined with the help of a scroll it can be used by magicians, it gives + 8% to magic if I am not mistaken.

Also, do not forget to hide the barrels at the end of your successful passage, Perhaps there is something sweet in them, more than once I found good such rings in them, and food when it was needed.

If you have the task of cleaning this brace, you may have a FOUNTAINER or a ritual stone like anyone else: 3

Stoneshard Game guide

I highly recommend people who cannot cope with the final mini boss, using it and get not a bad buff for 150 moves. 

Even if you have wild damage and you are already desperate to get to the end, I think this will help you, well, or you can break it with the right mouse button and then on this floor all evil spirits get a random debuff, this option does not reduce your sanity: 3


The best start for magicians (✓)

Do you think the question marks on the map are camps? having visited one or two of these …  you can find such a house with a witch.

Stoneshard Game guide

What does the witch have to do with it … She invites us to drink tea: 3 Dear grandmother mmm ….  same way this lady is not aggressive, let’s get down to business.

Here is her ‘Tops’ + 10% magic power and -10% rollback time and also -10% MP for magic. 

You can find such goodies in the closet as the Geomentic tract of the 3rd level and, in my opinion, the top suspension)

Also, if you don’t get scared of this pretty old woman: 3 ‘dummy by the cheeks’, then she will give you her own elven seagulls, so don’t be afraid to agree, sooner or later it will be useful to use it. With the transition to version Gives a random potion.

We treat wounds at home (✓)

First aid

Stoneshard Game guide

The very first thing that in 100% case you should have, wherever you go one bandage or his ‘friend,’ After that, of course, it goes: Everyone’s favorite ointment, well, I definitely have a whole chest full of it. Let’s turn now into intoxication, there are two ways to remove them with the help of (potions, alchemy ((except food)) The first and the most disgusting in my opinion is a soporific sponge because of its property to drive the character to sleep. You can use antitoxin … of course, but before using it, it is worth stocking up on a huge amount of food (one crump of bread and one sip of water will take at one meal) And our last guests that need to be taken with you as a bandage in any situation are: A leech or a tire (I chose leeches, less space take (Yes, and I like the bonuses from the Mental state of the character))

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

AAAA ….. yes, I just forgot to write about … Herbal extract and Life-giving essence. (I did not use them: 3) The extract gives us pain resistance … well, here I think clearly: 3 And the Life-giving essence acts as cans of hp (Expensive cans of HP) We are waiting for Alchemy. Perhaps there are new people here to read the guide, so I will show you how to treat bleeding and fractures. in this case, you should use the same bandage or rag on the wound and cover everything with a small layer of our ointment: 3 If everything is very sad with us and there is no splint … then you can use leeches as I wrote above, but remember that they give + Pain (Do not bring the pain behind the chapel 75%) otherwise you will not be able to scroll the time forward) And also we cover it with ALREADY A LARGE LAYER OF OINTMENT DO NOT BE GREEDY LEGS FOR TWO.

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Potions (Waiting for patches (✓)

IN WORK (Test variant)


Each potion adds + 20% to intoxication

Potion of accuracy – gives us 25% accuracy and 5% chance of crit.

Potion of saturation – replenishes X food and voice (always a random amount)

Potion of lethality / (rage) – 33% (25) Effectiveness of critical hits / 10% chance of crit / 25% (15) weapon damage.

Energy Drainage Potion – 20% Energy Leech (Here I think everything is very clear)

Recovery Potion – 100% Health Regeneration (I did not check working capacity)

Stoneskin Potion – 20% Physical Damage Resistance / -10% Damage Received.

Elusive Potion – 15% chance to dodge / -150% damage taken.

Fortress potion – 25% stamina / + 23 Health / 1.5 reg. Health.

Curiosity Potion – -25% Psychic Resistance / 10% Experience Gained.

Antidote Potion – removes intoxication.

Herbs ( ✓)

After the hunt, you may have acquired new scars, wounds, fractures, bleeding.

Let’s go to see what should be done with each of these Slugs …

The first thing I want to show are herbs such as, hmm …… (from version herbs now require thirst, the color of plants has changed, see what they are now.


St. John’s wort

Stoneshard Game guide

I rarely use it, so we will trust the description of this herb and hope for the introduction of so to speak alchemy or a brewing potion. 

Just when talking to NPCs in the cities can be found in their dialogue, which some alchemist left his machine in the catacombs (in my opinion a clear reference to alchemy in the future)




Stoneshard Game guide

If for some reason great group, you went into a dungeon without herbs or received very heavy damage and your character dies from wild pain, it’s time to remember how much you saw this herb along the way xD

Stoneshard Game guide

Nettle-Very useful, but I rarely met her during my travels, perhaps because -that I move exactly by fields and not by paths: 3

Stoneshard Game guide

What can I say about this little grass, I used it a couple of times to check how it works …. I understood only one thing for myself, namely, it attracts a wild boar  in most of it, for some reason they are next to it

Stoneshard Game guide

A useful property of this herb and its plus is the replenishment of hp in the rest mode, alas, I will not say anything else.

Stoneshard Game guide

Here is my favorite plant that helped me compose the Morale section, helped a lot to raise the characteristics of the character in 4% of sanity

Stoneshard Game guide

And the very last THIS IS A CONTRACT TO ALL herbs for it removes intoxication after all previously used before her (where the letter is) which were before her.

Hunting ( ✓)

Stoneshard Game guide

The best hunting spots are denser forest areas to get closer to your prey, use peace, rocks, trees, branches + you should stay as far away from their field of vision as possible, this will allow you to attack several times while they try to escape.

The easiest way to hunt for anything is to play to the edge of the map – namely, to bring your prey to the edge of the map, only the NPCs that are aggressive will leave the sector, and those that run are trapped inside (in the current version of the game

Alas, it died in the version of the game

And now to the objects that may fall to us on our hunt:


Elk and deer are two different animals: P

Do not forget that the most dangerous animal in this game is Bear.

A random chance of dropping horns.

And here is one more, in my opinion, dangerous animals, you should not hunt him without proper skill or equipment.

New locations ( ✓)

In Version, new location cells were brought to our game, let’s watch them.


( ✓) In the garden near the house you can find such herbs as: Thyme: 4pcs Trefoil: 5pcs St. John’s wort: 4pcs There is also an entrance to the house: In which is the body of “ our ” herbalist and his book on the table about such herbs like: St. John’s wort, Red poppy, Thyme, Helen, Plantain. And the most important thing that decorates this territory IS THE PRESENCE OF A BACKPACK  porcini 

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Ruined Homestead:

( ✓) Nothing interesting was found in the area, except for the entrance to the hatch. in the room there is 1 chest, a rack with 2 random weapons, a wardrobe with 2 books, a bed and the HEAD OF BLACK MAPS I advise you to pick it up and take it to Osbrook (For his tavern calls the black boar) For this, he will give you a Dark Ale every game day if you ask him: 3 and we will make a discount of 5 coins for renting a room. BUT WILL YOU LEAVE THE DESTROYED ESTATE ?? You will not help out anything of value from them, except for weapons.

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide


Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Nothing interesting was found around the house, except for a mountain of dead bodies. On the first floor there is a wardrobe with a mask and a door, but it is closed, opening it, we see a book on the hinge of Brother Venn next to him. In which this character tells how some scoundrel puts a spoke in his wheels and was sent to a leper colony for his misdeed that he did not commit and he decides to … also in the left cabinet there will be a syringe for toxins and a book on staffs 1 volumes. I did not find anything else interesting.

Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide
Stoneshard Game guide

Money, money I need more (Section for deletion)

Merchants and the most profitable earnings

Ehh … I see your soul does not have enough money, what can I say, look further.

Stoneshard Game guide

It is best to sell weapons, rings, pendants and various iron ingots, silver cups and all items related to iron.

You can find him near the hotel, down from it.

Best selling shields, staves, walking sticks, and bows.

You can find him next to the tailor, to his left.

Best selling leather, light armor, horns.

You can find him under the blacksmith UNDER THE FORGE LOL

, in the big hut away from him.

It is best to sell a variety of medicines.

You can also buy healing ointments, bandages, etc. from him.

You can find him near the cottage in the lower part of the village, just go down the road from the well.

It is best to sell tinsel, various stones, jewelry, etc.

You can buy random scrolls.

You can find it in the market, by the billboard stand to the right of the hotel.

Mannshire Traders:

Stoneshard Game guide

It is best to sell weapons, rings, pendants and various iron ingots, silver cups, etc.

You can find it near the hotel, down from it.

He also has a daughter nearby, she can repair leather armor: 3

It is best to sell leather, horns, various stones, jewelry, etc.

You can find him in the market, on a tray with shields between the hotel and the carpenter.

It is best to sell shields, staves, walking sticks, bows.

It can be found near the market, slightly up and to the right.

It is best to sell drugs.

He can buy scales and healing ointments, bandages, etc.

You can find him in the temple to the right of the market.

A lover of big money.

In the game we can get a backpack that can be worn instead of a cape. You can find it in Fort Nurvust, a place where quests are often performed (Hard).

Yes, yes, this is not my screen I was too lazy to stomp there: 3 The

backpack adds twelve slots to us to use it, throw it into the capes, then right-click, “Use”.

Thanks to my Polish friend SizzzU I took the information from his guide.

He didn’t mind


Enchant nameBlack damage 2-3%S. larkane 2-3-4-5%S. fire 2-4-5%S.electr 2-3%S.psion 2%S. frost 5%
Health reg.2%     
Resistance to count damage 4%     
Corrosion resistance4%     
Counterstrike chance2%     
Energy +5    
Health74-6 5-7  
Reflect damage 5% 4-5%3%   
Health Reg. 2%    
Persistence6% ten%eight%6% 
Resistance electric3-5%     
Resistance to count damage   5%   
Reflect damage  3%2%5%3-4%
Block chance  4%   
Resist poison  5%   
Energy     ten
Noise emitted     -6%
Counterstrike chance    3% 
Enchant nameResistance to poison3-4-5%Dodge Chance 2-3-4%Counterattack chance 1-2-4-5%Reg. Health 1-2-3%
Noise emitted-6%    
Health reg.2%  2-5% 
Healing effect6%    
Reflect damage3-4%    
Counterstrike chance 3%    
Block strength6    
Energy ten   
Health reg. 1% 4%   
Reflect damage 2-4% 2-4%2-3-4-5%
Break Resistance  4%  
Persistence  7%  
Healing effect  6%  
Health reg.  1%  
Overview  222
Health   5-74-5-7
Energy   9-105-10
Shot Damage Resist 3%     3%
Rub Resistance    4%
Corrosion resistance  2% 3%
Block strength    6-7
Durability 5%    5%
Enchant nameTear resistance 5%Shot Damage Resist 4%Reflect Damage 3-4-5%Block strength 6
Corrosion resistance4%   
Block Chance  4% 
Energy 11  10-11 
Eff. treatment  6% 
Persistence  eight% 
Rub Resistance   5%

And here I was surprised … I do not continue

Enchantments # 2

Strange … but I was not allowed to continue in the last volume…. ok, I’ll make a new one.

Enchant nameEph. treatment 5-6%Health 2-4Reflect Damage 4%Reflect Damage 4%
Resist. RUB damage3% 
Noise emitted-4% 
Corrosion resistance 3% 
Overview 2
Rub Resistance 5%
Shot Damage Resistance  4%

What does what buff mean

Buff nameDescription
HealthThe amount of damage you can take before you die.
Health recoveryHealth regeneration rate. The higher this number, the more often your regeneration occurs.
The effectiveness of the treatmentDisplays the amount of healing received from all sources.
Maximum health thresholdThe maximum threshold for the amount of health you can recover ..
EnergyThe amount of energy that you can spend on your abilities.
Energy RecoveryThe same as with xn
DamageWell, it’s logical my friend: 3
Reflect damageThe percentage of melee damage that you reflect on an enemy.
Stealing lifeGives you X percent of hitting an enemy.
Stealing energySame as with hp only mp
ProtectionThe amount of physical damage you absorb.
PersistenceReduces the duration of negative effects

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